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What's in the Weather?

Summer sun in BulgariaClimate is often at the top of the list when people decide to immigrate to another country. Those from Britain’s colder northern climes pour over temperature charts to seek out the warmth of the sun, but Bulgaria’s reported temperatures are not that reliable as weather is very localised – it can pour with rain in one village yet 12 km away there can be burning sun.

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InterNations: The Virtual Home Away from Home for Sofia’s Expats

internationsSince the fall of the Iron Curtain, many countries in Eastern and Southeastern Europe have become increasingly popular amongforeign visitors and residents from around the globe.


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Five Hundred Years of Ottoman Rule

the sultans monogramOne period in Bulgarian history that is more often talked about and stands out above the rest is the 500 year period under Turkish rule. The Ottoman Empire was established early on in the 14th century by Osman I, a prince from Asia Minor. His army pushed the boundaries of the Byzantine Empire westwards and soon the Ottoman army became a strong global force. By 1389 the fate of the whole of the Balkan Peninsula was sealed when the Serbian army was defeated at Kosovo. By 1393 the Turkish army occupied most of Bulgaria and despite two failed uprisings against the Turkish oppressors in 1394 and 1444, Constantinople, the last upholder of the Orthodox world  fell in 1453 and help from the outside world disappeared.

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Learning the Lingo

use everyday words to start withOne of the most daunting prospects about moving to Bulgaria is not only the fact that they speak a different language here, but the fact that they use a different alphabet.

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Moving Abroad? Come to Bulgaria

tryavnaEach year sees thousands of British citizens uproot their tedious lives in the U.K in order to emigrate to their chosen destination abroad.


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The Organic Food Basket

Organic Food Basket

Bulgaria is being called the organic food basket of Europe and those who are familiar with the country will undoubtedly have heard of Bulgarian “feta” cheese (which in Bulgarian is called sirene - pronounced seerenay) and the praise lavished on this internation al standard top quality product.

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Early Retirement in Bulgaria

retirement in bulgaria for expatsNo work, put your feet up and relax.. the dream of many a Brit buying a property in Bulgaria for early retirement. A few months on and you discover that there is only so much you can do in the garden or only so long that you can lie by the pool. Life becomes boring and you're longing to do something.

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April Fool's Day

aprilfoolsdayThere will be no false pieces of news from Quest Bulgaria for the 1st April, although many news sites will be carrying some

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Palm Sunday, Bulgaria’s Tsvetnitsa

Flower SundayPalm Sunday is a popular Orthodox holiday in Bulgaria known as Tsvetnitsa, it often falls a week later than in the West and this year it will be celebrated on Sunday, 8th April. In true Bulgarian style, there are many Christian and folk traditions and customs associated with this event, which is called ‘the Day of Flowers’ in Bulgarian.

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Making the Move

propertyIf you are fed up with the rat race of your home country and dream of moving abroad, don't just quit your job and move. Ensure you research thoroughly and read all the

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