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Liberation Day, The National Holiday

monument to freedomMarch 3rd sees Bulgaria is the Day of Liberation from Ottoman rule; it celebrate the signing of the San Stefano peace contract, which ended 500 years of Ottoman rule. On this day in 1878 the Principality of Bulgaria was founded as a result of the Russian-Turkish liberation war of 1877-1878.

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Wages in Bulgaria for Expats

self employed skilled trainerAs an expat, how much money can you expect to be paid in Bulgaria? If we take a look at migrants working in the UK, many workers are expected to work an average 40 hours per week for the minimum wage. Acccording to hmrc.gov.uk site, this is from 4 to 6 euros an hour, on current exchange rates. Not very much for someone living in the UK, with mortgage payments or rent, plus council tax and general income/social security taxes taking away an average 35%, before you even get to think about buying food.

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Traditional Courtships

valentine's dayValentine’s Day is a time for couples and lovers. Young Bulgarians celebrate in much the same way as people in the West with romantic dinners for two, surprise gifts and cards. This is all a relatively new phenomenon here and not something that middle aged or older couples would celebrate. In days gone by courtships were carried out in a very traditional manner according to a set of rituals laid down over generations.

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Living in Bulgaria: A Single Parent’s View

single parents can survie hereA permanent life in Bulgaria attracts all sorts of people with many different needs and ideas of what makes the perfect life. Much depends on circumstances and whether you came here to make money through business or to achieve a better quality of life by embracing a different culture. Many expats retire here and live off their pensions, which despite the credit crunch still go a lot further. Some expats retain an income in the UK, through an existing business or rental property income and this enables them to live in Bulgaria without the worry of finding work. In effect there are many ways you can achieve a happy, comfortable Bulgarian lifestyle even if your income is small.

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Getting Married in Bulgaria

getting married in BulgariaThe number of people living permanently living in Bulgaria is growing in a positive way. Bulgaria was once considered a property and lifestyle option by retirees only, but now it is attracting families, single parents, professionals and singles. Those who decide to move here have many reasons for doing so; some fall in love with the landscape, others with the climate and many just want to get out of the rat race and make a brand new life for themselves. Many of the singles who come over here find love very easily either within the expat community or through integration with local Bulgarians and for many making a greater commitment becomes important as they decide on getting married.

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Living in Bulgaria: A Personal View

cost of living in bulgariaHow much does it cost to live in Bulgaria? We have lost count of the number of times we are asked this question. Every time we are asked, we say that you need 1,000 euros net income a month for a couple with no children and no mortgage. We're frequently taken to task for saying this by expats who, I suppose, manage on much less.

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A Bulgarian Way to Die

last will and testamentDeath is a sensitive subject and certainly not one we like to think of, but at some time or other we inevitably meet our maker and with so many of us living full time in Bulgaria, it is worth putting some thought into what you would do should the inevitable happen to yourself or a loved one here. After all Bulgarian funerals are very different to those back home and you should at least be prepared for the difference in culture as well as be able to make certain choices in your own arrangements particularly if you want a more anglicized service.

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Learning the basics of Bulgarian

Practice makes PerfectNot only is Bulgarian a new language to learn for foreigners but for most it is a new alphabet too! Strange symbols appear before your eyes and to add to the confusion, shops and road signs use a mix of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. You could be forgiven for wondering if you will ever master the Bulgarian language!

Here we give you an introduction to the basics ... learning the alphabet, reading and understanding some basic words and some simple everyday phrases.


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Gay Time in Bulgaria

gay in bulgariaGay tolerance is still not as widely accepted in Bulgaria as it is in Western Europe and the States. The reason for its homophobic attitudes is rooted in its Communist past. During this time homosexuals faced intolerance and severe violence if they were found out and today the older generation is still prejudiced. Fortunately the younger generation shows greater tolerance and times are slowly changing here as the country establishes EU jurisdiction and enforces new laws to protect gay people. More and more gay establishments are springing up in big cities and Bulgaria is now hosting several gay festivals.

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Setting Up a Beauty Business in Bulgaria

beautiful in bulgariaMany people delay moving to Bulgaria because they worry about how they will earn a living when their savings dry up, but more and more people are finding innovative ways to start their own business and maintain their life in the sun. Eighteen-year old Emma Burleigh from Selsey, Chichester has lived in Bulgaria for five years and recently started her own mobile beauty business here.

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