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Fishing Tips For Rivers

on our last fishing tripFishing tips for rivers - My guest house is in the small village of Altimir situated in the heart of the Danube Plains, and in the lucky position of being surrounded by an abundance of lakes and three of the largest rivers in Bulgaria being only 30 minutes drive away. Fishing in Bulgaria is not only great because of the vast varieties of large fish but the views and scenery are second to none.

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The Village Hairdresser - Beware!

do not use rakia as aftershaveIn a nearby town there's a notorious hairdresser, and if she's anything to go by she is not a good advert for her trade, as she has a moustache herself. Her name is Kremena; she is now an elderly woman. She's been running the business for nearly forty years, and never had a complaint until recently. Her surgery, sorry, salon, has never been decorated in all those years and still has the same chair.

It is my opinion that she was the inventor of the punk hairstyle. Whenever I get the chance I go there, but only because she is my friend, and to visit friends in the town. It doesn't matter, as many others have the same style and don't complain, so I don't complain either.

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Ten Things We Dislike About Bulgaria

bulgarian life under the microscopeNobody is perfect and no matter where you live, be it Malibu Beach or a swish loft conversion in Chelsea, there are things that we dislike about where we live. Obviously Bulgaria is a far cry from the luxury life seen on the pages of glamorous magazines, but few of us move here for this and most who live here permanently love the country for what it is and what it has to offer in terms of a relaxed, healthy, low cost lifestyle. However, there are some things, which get our ex pats down; take a look at our list to see our top ten gripes…

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Ten Reasons to Love Bulgaria

beautiful bulgariaThere are many reasons why people fall in love with Bulgaria and choose to make it their permanent home. Equally, no matter where you decide to live on this planet there are always downsides – the question is whether these disadvantages outweigh the advantages of living here or whether they are mere blips on a perfect horizon. Quest Bulgaria’s survey of ex pats came up with the following list of why we love living in Bulgaria.

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Moving to Bulgaria – Great for Kids

moving to bulgaria with childrenOne big consideration for parents thinking of moving to Bulgaria is how such a move will affect the lives of their children. Many postpone their move for fear of disrupting their child’s education, whilst others express concern over the lack of amenities for children in Bulgaria viewing the country as primitive and under-developed in terms of opportunities for their kids.

Yet a move to Bulgaria for children of any age can be a positive and rewarding experience, guaranteed to expand their outlook, social skills and educational qualifications.

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Latest Employment Stats


employment figuresThe National Statistic Institute (NSI) have released the latest figures regarding employment in Bulgaria from a survey conducted in the second quarter of this year. The figures show that the jobless total has fallen 30,600 compared with the same period in 2007. Unemployment in April to June this year was a total of 5.8 percent. In rural areas this was higher at 9.6 percent, with only 4.6 in urban areas.

The total economically active population, aged 15 to 64, stood at nearly 3,522,000, reaching 63.9 percent, up 2.3 percent on the same period last year.

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Fancy a go at Scuba Diving?

try your hand at scuba divingWhen you tell people you meet for the first time that you are a certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) scuba diver, their immediate reaction is “Wow. You are? I’m not sure I could do that!”
The response is often followed by a barrage of questions indicating curiosity mixed with a touch of apprehension and perhaps a fair amount of misinformation.

As an active recreational pastime goes, Scuba diving is probably one of the easiest to learn, there are only three basic skills , floating, kicking and breathing, there is more to it than that, but if you can breathe through your mouth, then the chances are you can learn to scuba dive.

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Visit, Buy, Emigrate, Renovate

carol and alanRetired couple sixty-six year old Alan Lowe and his wife, fifty-eight year old Carol, originate from Dundee. They are now happily living in a village, near Yambol. Carol talks about their real-life experience of buying their property in Bulgaria, moving and renovating.

"Before coming to our decision we researched Bulgaria as best we could - mainly using the internet for information. We felt it was important to look into as many aspects as possible of our chosen destination. Not just the country itself, but the regions of that country; with regard to climate, lay of the land, etc.

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Driving in Bulgaria ... only for the brave!

Driving in Bulgaria ... a lighthearted lookDriving in Bulgaria ... nothing is more of a challenge here. Not mastering the language. Not trying to tell your 90 year old neighbour that your house just caught fire from your log burner. Not filling in you tax returns. Not even tackling a bear. Oh no…. nothing holds a candle to the challenge of seizing the steering wheel and setting off into the potholed sunrise.

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A weekend with the Police

Unusually cold weatherA Quest Bulgaria member (who would prefer to stay anonymous in this instance) shares his personal, extraordinary memories of the other side of the coin of living here! A Bulgarian policeman had always seemed to me to be a bit of a perk job. Many Bulgarian boys, when asked what they want to do when they grow up, reply ‘a policeman’. In fact, the police have major respect in Bulgaria from all generations. It is also clear that Bulgarian Police are not burdened with the law governed and by overkill morals.

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