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Dental Treatment in Bulgaria

white teethPrivate treatment in the UK borders on extortionate, and the NHS is reluctant to take on new dental patients due to the massive demand ... therefore, Bulgaria has become a goldmine for dentists. Seeking a reliable dentist in Bulgaria is just as important as finding a GP you trust.

Fortunately, finding an orthodontist here is much easier to do than in the UK, where dental professionals are few and far between, and people needing treatment for their gnashers and gums are known to queue up for hours to be seen. Bulgaria has become a goldmine for dentists, and in fact, there are so many good dentists in Bulgaria that a lot of them are actually being head-hunted by practices in the UK.

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Bulgaria and the EU

bulgaria and the european unionBulgaria joined the European Union in January 2007 along with its neighbour Romania. As the poorest country in the EU, with the average monthly salary amounting to a mere 400 lv. Bulgaria desperately needs inward investment to develop its infrastructure and to make it competitive with other more developed nations.

Unfortunately, Bulgaria has incurred a lot of scrutiny from the European Commission over the way funds have been distributed. Michael Leigh, the EU Commissioner recently sent a stern letter to the Bulgarian government, which chastised the country's failure to tackle organized crime and stated that there was evidence to prove that corrupt forces had been at work within certain Ministries as far as the spending of EU aid was concerned.

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Motor Madness

buying a second hand car in bulgariaSecond-hand cars are not cheap here, nor is the process of buying one easy, there’s no such thing as seeing a car, agreeing to buy, sorting the insurance, and posting the little slip off to Swansea! The process in Bulgaria is much more lengthy and time-consuming, and to the non-initiated, it can be very daunting and you may even feel like giving up altogether.

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Visit Bulgaria - Get a Makeover!

Cosmetic Tourism on the upAs Bulgaria’s reputation as a cheap and cheerful place to holiday starts recedeing, its image as Europe’s leading destination for cosmetic, dental and health tourism continues to grow rapidly. More and more Europeans now visit the country to seek treatment for a wide variety of procedures.

Bulgaria now houses some chic, high-tech private clinics staffed by very highly qualified medical professionals who are fluent in a variety of European languages. This coupled with competitively low prices, healing mineral water reserves and an agreeable climate has fuelled the growth in this niche sector.


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Work This Way

earning a living in bulgariaAt some point in their life, everyone dreams of emigrating and starting afresh, yet one of the key hindrances is the answer to the question "What will I do to earn a living?". Quest Bulgaria investigates earning a living in Bulgaria.

It doesn’t matter how dissatisfied we are with our current employment, the state of affairs at home or the climate, the lack of knowing what to do once we have thrown in the towel stops many of us from living our dream.

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E-ssential Documents

I was aghast when my children came home from school and said they needed “E” numbers. Living in Bulgaria for over two years has meant that we have been able to ditch a lot of the junk food - a staple part of our British diet. getting your egn numberWe had integrated and I had been so impressed with the Bulgarian education system and the teachers who represented it that I could not believe that they would condone such irresponsibility.

A meeting with each form teacher soon opened my eyes to the necessity of “E” numbers in Bulgarian life. What we as a family need was an EGN number known in Bulgarian as a ЕГН or ендиен граждански номер, which entitles the children to free education on the same terms as Bulgarian nationals.

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My wait for a Bulgarian Number Plate

The elusive BG number plate!Regardless of where you buy your car, be it the UK, France, Russia or Bulgaria you will need to go through the lengthy registration process with the Bulgarian traffic police known as KAT. The process is akin to watching paint dry, it is bureaucratic and time consuming and you need to write off time to do this.

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Bulgaria – Great Lifestyle Choice

pensioners in love with bulgariaWith rising costs and falling house prices abroad many people are considering making a permanent move to Bulgaria. There is a wealth of information across the internet on property investment, locations and whole sections on the legal aspects of moving but very little information about what life is actually like here. This lack of info feeds people’s fears and many may be hesitating about what to do. As permanent residents in Bulgaria, the Quest Bulgaria team explains why the country is a good lifestyle choice.

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Free Healthcare for Pensioners

Think HealthcareThe UK government reform on benefits is opening doors for pensioners to get more of the benefits entitled to them, even if they choose to live abroad. If you are of a certain age and think your regular benefits will become invalidated once you move to Bulgaria read on...

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Excursion to Troyan

Quest Bulgaria member, Allan Sutherland, describes his tour round the historical town of Troyan and beautiful Monastery. Village life in Bulgaria is full of surprises... one recent discovery is the village excursion, organised and prepared by the locals themselves.

trip to troyan 1A while back, word went round that there would be an excursion to a local town or beauty spot. This evoked images of charabanc trips to the seaside, with crates of beer, sandwiches and a sing-song on the way, and although I never actually went on such a trip they are so much a part of British folklore that it almost feels like I did!

Therefore, the prospect of a trip to Troyan promised much; the chance to visit the town and monastery and also an opportunity to participate in the Bulgarian version of a community daytrip.

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