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British Bangers storm Bulgaria!

British Bangers in BulgariaBill Watson, a chef by trade, moved to Bulgaria in 2006 with the intention of 'semi-retiring', along with his wife Jane. They bought a property in a village close to Veliko Turnovo and set up a small guest house. Bill's links (excuse the pun!) with the sausage industry stemmed from a butchery course he took whilst serving in the Navy. His interest developed into making sausages for friends and family as a hobby, but such was the success of his bangers that he ended up with regular oders of up to 100 kg a month!

When Bill and Jane moved to Bulgaria, Bill continued to make sausages from a specially built room in his home. Realising there was a gap in the market, he decided to research sausage making as a full time business.After months of research, negotiations and trials, Bill and Jane finally started to produce sausages in May of 2007, using a small, famiily-run factory called Valmes, just outside Lesicheri.

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Chic, Style - and it's Bulgaria!

Chic Style Culture - pool viewFor years Bulgaria has been branded as a downmarket budget destination which has attracted hoards of bargain-hunting tourists in search of cheap booze and fake Rolexes ... no more! Chic, Style - and it's Bulgaria as developers chase a wealthier clientele, Bulgarians become richer and a different type of tourist explores the treasures of this Balkan wonderland.

Words like “cheap,” “bargain” and “low–cost” are slowly being replaced with “boutique,” “luxury” and “designer” as Bulgaria ditches its cut price image in favour of one associated with style, culture and opulence.

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