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Steps to Moving to Another Country

steps to moving to another countryMoving abroad has been compared and equaled to bereavement by some. By following the right Steps to moving to another country, one can often avoid the bulk of stress and make the move an enjoyable one.

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Shopaholics Paradise

Shopping in BulgariaShopaholics cannot afford to miss a trip to Bulgaria! Shopping here is not only inexpensive, but also full of bargains not obtainable in other countries. Bulgaria’s retail structure is changing at a growing pace as each city builds at least one shopping mall to encourage more international chains to set up business here. Clothing, footwear, chocolate, food, alcohol and jewellery are all extremely inexpensive here, whilst some electrical goods cost the same or slightly less than they do in other European countries. Genuine luxury goods cost the same as back home and in some cases are more expensive.

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Greetings From Bulgaria

greetings from bulgariaBulgaria is still rather a formal society where greetings are concerned, and when meeting new people it is still a fairly reserved society.

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October Traditions

twinfoalsThe month of October has various celebrations and religious festivals taking place. Starting on October 14th with St. Petka. It was St. Petka who, when her parents died, gave away everything she ever had and, in a small Temple, committed to devote the rest of her life to God.

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October In Bulgaria

autumnleavesOctober in Bulgaria is possibly one, if not the best month of the year. Skies are filled with many species of migrating birds; the seas are calm yet still relatively warm. You can still enjoy a glass of wine on your

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Bulgarian Translation

bulgarian translationBulgarian translation is a necessity if spending long periods of time in Bulgaria. For access into the world of diverse cultures in the course of language translation you are typically motivating a wider interest in people.

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Holy Cross Day

traditonalcostumesBulgaria is a country rooted in tradition and folklore with each month bringing a different reason to celebrate and be thankful. On September 14, Bulgarians celebrate the Holy Cross Day, which marks the start of a new season, Autumn. In ancient times this day signified both the time to return to work in the fields after enduring the burning summer sun and more importantly, the beginning of the grape harvest.

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Bulgarian Tribulus - The Herbal Miracle

Bulgarian Tribulus

Bulgarian Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a flowering herb found in Southern European countries where it is also known as Puncture Vine. For hundreds of years it has been an integral ingredient used in traditional Chinese Medicine where it is believed that its properties are a cure for low libido in both men and women.

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Traditional Bulgaria and its Cuisine

traditional bulgaria and its cuisineTraditional Bulgaria and its cuisine are extremely diverse and delicious.

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Eco Tourism

Eco TourismTourism that needn’t cost the earth: examining Bulgaria’s growing eco tourist market. Bulgaria’s perfect geographical location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia Minor offers visitors a country rich in wildlife and nature. Rare fauna and flora uncommon and sometimes non-existent in other European countries flourish here.

Ancient forests provide homes to deer, elk, fox, wild goat and boars. Lush valleys thrive on the temperate Balkan climate, which provides the landscape with a stunning display of wild flowers.


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