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The Black Sea Coasts Best Spa Hotels

The Bulgarian coast is rich in curative mineral spas, which have a different physical and chemical makeup compared to the other mineral spas in the country. They are low in mineralisation and rich in salt with some containing iodine and bromide. Many coastal areas also have healing firth mud and obviously a healthy sea climate. As a result, many resorts and towns have a vast range of spa hotels, which offer a host of therapeutic treatments using the natural resources and medicinal techniques designed to hear a range of ailments and illnesses. The spas are staffed by qualified professionals who are well versed in these natural therapies. We take a look at some of the coasts leading spa complexes.

The Grand Hotel Varna, St Konstantin

The Grand Hotel has always been renowned for its wide selection of professional spa treatments. Whilst many hotels use the works spa resort quite liberally, the Grand really does offer many complex treatments carried out by time served therapists. The hotel is located in St Constantine and Helena beach resort. It looks a little dull from the outside, but don’t let first impressions deceive, the interior is luxurious with plenty of wide open spaces, a huge garden and if you come here with your family, plenty to keep the kids occupied including a free crèche. The spa centre offers sea water and mineral water baths, galvanic baths, pearl baths, aromatherapy, anti-ageing and anti stress management, underwater gymnastics, mud therapy and very good weight loss programmes and therapies for the treatment of the locomotory, respiratory, cardio-vascular and peripheral nervous systems.

Helios Spa Hotel, Golden Sands

This large and popular hotel is located 200 m from the sea in the heart of the resort. It is surrounded by the old forest of the protected Golden Sands natural park. The spa centre, known as the Aphrodite Beauty Spa & Health Clinic is the largest in the resort offers a unique centre for rejuvenation and recuperation. The centre is manned by professional staff who graduated from the best Bulgarian and international universities and who hold degrees in kinesitherapy or physiotherapy. They all undergo a rigorous training programme, which focuses on the best standards, practices, treatments and products in the industry. All staff members are fluent in English, German and Russian. There are 35 exquisite treatment rooms where therapies such as massage including hot stone massages and hydro-massages as well as acupuncture and detoxification programmes are carried out. The centre also offers a ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ programme with a diagnostic centre to analyse various body conditions. They also offer ECG’s and blood tests and physiotherapy. There are plenty of treatments guaranteed to pamper the body and soul like deluxe body wraps, thalasso therapy wraps and mud treatments. The six day detox programme involves cleansing the body from harmful toxins, improving the lymphatic and blood circulation and ptimising the metabolic system, which aids the weight loss process.

The Victoria Palace Hotel & Spa, Sunny Beach

Located on the front line on the main promenade, this five star hotel is one of the best on the coast combining style and elegance with comfort and a wide range of amenities from a casino to bars, restaurants and shops. The hotel was the first in Bulgaria to open an Asian spa centre, which employs qualified practitioners from Asia’s Bali Island to perform a wide range of treatments including Bali lulur, milk cocktails, Jimbaran massage and many more. Treatments are carried out in two Hawaiian style houses on the beach in front. The centre is also renowned for its Turkish baths and novel treatments like its Balkan massage, chocolate Cleopatra, guaranteed to nourish and moisturise the skin and oriental anti-cellulite massage. There is also a weight loss programme involving water gymnastics. The spa centre also houses a Vitamin Bars, which offers a variety of fresh fruit juices, spa drinks and protein cocktails.

Grand Hotel, Pomorie

This five star luxury hotel is situated in the spa town of Pomorie, a 15 minute drive from Bourgas International Airport. It sits between the beach and the banks of the salt lake Pomorie. The hotel offers a range of services including a well respected medical spa and wellness centre along with a variety of sports facilities. Pomorie is one of the coastal areas renowned for its healing mud, which comes from the salt lake. It is recognised as an effective treatment for more than 45 different ailments from skeletal and muscular disorders to those of the nervous and reproductive systems. The spa has designed a variety of mud treatments to treat inflammatory diseases and to relieve pain and at the same time to improve the body’s metabolic rate. Their lime mud treatment is suitable for treating knee injuries and back pain. Other treatments focus on improving fertility. There are a range of facilities at guests’ disposal including Finnish and Russian saunas, an ice room, a Turkish bath, a steam room and a razsul therapy room, which combines mud treatments with a solarium and steam. The centre also offers laser and puva therapy with high tech equipment aimed at treating inflammatory disease and pain through the use of a laser and sector "A" ultraviolet light exposure, which is excellent for skin regeneration especially with diseases like psoriasis.