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Bulgaria: Cost of Living Comparison

It's all very well selling up in the UK, buying your new home and moving to your dream overseas country but can you afford to live there? France is commonly high on overseas property buyers' lists, and there are some good deals to be had now as property prices have really slumped. However, there is more to a new life overseas than just buying a beautiful property in the sun. Out of those who move overseas and then return home, the most commonly cited reason is finance: in other words, lack of money.

What about the cost of living in your new country? How far will your pension or savings go? Bulgaria offers one of the cheapest costs of living amongst all European countries. We take a look at the cost of living in the two different EU countries, France and Bulgaria, to draw a 'life-cost comparison'. All figures are in euros.

Property 3 bed renovated quality detached house with garden, ready to move into, edge of a small town with a selection of shops, bars, restaurants, doctors, chemists, market...
France 175,000  - Bulgaria 99,000

Council and property taxes per annum
France 1800  - Bulgaria 12

Insurance - Buildings and Contents for 12 months
France 600  - Bulgaria 300

Heating, Air Con and Electric for a year
France 2100  - Bulgaria 800

Road Tax for one year
France 0  - Bulgaria 45
Note : In France you pay motorway tolls

Food for an average monthly shop for a couple
France 900  - Bulgaria 300

Cost of a glass of wine / glass of beer in a bar or restaurant
France 3 / 1.5  - Bulgaria .75 / .50

Eating out for two people, two course meal, no wine or drinks
France 22  - Bulgaria 8

Cigarettes, per packet local brand
France 4  - Bulgaria 1.5

Average costs for renovation and building work, per day labourer / craftsman
France 60 / 150  - Bulgaria 15 / 60

Totting it all up, on average living in Bulgaria is about  60% cheaper!