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Learning from a Bulgarian Life - Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

Our Western lives have made us demanding and expectant of rapid service wherever we go and if you ever need to learn the art of patience then Bulgaria is the country where you will learn this. During the six months of residency here you will spend your life on a never-ending paper trail as you obtain residency permits, register your car, open bank accounts, enroll with the utility companies and so on. Nothing happens with the sped that it does in the West and you soon learn that no amount of moaning or stressing over this will make things happen any faster. Very soon you find that you have adapted to the ‘let it happen’ approach and all of a sudden you are no longer ‘sweating the small stuff.’

Living According to the Seasons

Coming from a dull Northern European climate, you may wish for endless years of hot sunshine, but the Bulgarian climate is made up of four distinct seasons. Each one brings something different in terms of weather, food and celebrations and you find yourself looking forward to the change in the seasons rather than dreading it. Spring warms up the land and things start to grow and you make the gentle transition to meals outside ready for the burning hot summers where you really do have to learn to relax because the heat is too much to run around. After endless days enjoying the sun, autumn brings cooler weather again helping you to make the transition into the snowy winters where you can actually enjoy holing up by the fire and cooking tasty hot meals. You never tire of the weather in Bulgaria and it seldom depresses, because for most of the year, regardless of the season the skies are blue.

Accept, Adapt, Enjoy

Many expats came to the conclusion when life’s little Bulgarian anomalies got them down, they would often remember the reasons they came to live here in the first place as well as the fact that they chose to live here and were free to go if they didn’t like it – a way of thinking that people who have not emigrated don’t believe they have. Others said they took ‘strength’ from looking at their beautiful surroundings including the dream house they had built or renovated and thanked their lucky stars that they had made the move. Whatever your thinking, it’s no good dwelling on the idea of "they don't do this", it's not better or worse than your home country, it's just different, so just enjoy the difference, after all it's what you left for!