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Our Bulgaria: the view from here


Biggest surprises :

- The town in which we live and all the homes there are entirely fed by spring water which is taken from the natural spring, then pumped up the mountain to get good water pressure for delivery to the homes. Where else are we likely to live with natural mineral water straight from our own tap?
- There is a real lack of recycling, which is particularly strange given that this was a must during Communist times.
- Avoidance of payment of tax, VAT and social charges are par for the course from the top to the bottom of society
- The acceptance by the nearly the whole populace that giving and taking bribes is normal and the way to do things. Thank goodness that Boyko Borissov is endeavouring to stamp this out swiftly
- How beautifully undiscovered the country is with breathtaking nature
- Visiting the coast once the kids are back at school and the tourists back home, September is THE time to go, the weather is still really good and it's beautiful
- How much more 'wealthy' the Bulgarians really are compared with what they think they are. They have the highest home ownership in Europe, so hardly any are saddled with debt and mortgages. Perhaps the west should have taken a leaf out of their book, before building up massive amounts on credit cards and 100% plus mortgages. There is also a slower pace of life with less stress, a far lower cost of living overall. In general a much better quality of life. We notice Bulgarians can often afford more new clothes and more renovations/upgrades to their properties than their western counterparts.


Be realistic about what kind of life you want
Mentally prepare for life being a challenge
Most locals welcome strangers but don't rush it, take your time
Frustrations there will be but life will become unbearable if you always think "they don't..." and "it's not like back home..."
Things are not better or worse.. they are just different
Immerse yourself without fear and enjoy