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Working From Home in Bulgaria

Working from home or at home is often the ideal solution for expats moving to Bulgaria. Unfortunately, there are numerous ideas on the internet, offering to make your fortune and suggesting that you can make a mint with next to no effort. The problem is that many are scams and most don't work. However, there are real possibilities to work from home for those Brits and others who are dotted around in various parts of Bulgaria. They may not make you a millionaire but they will cover some of your bills.

Whatever you do, if you find something on the net claiming immediate financial success whilst doing very little, avoid it. This is particularly true if they are asking for money upfront. Most of the ideas jotted down here require some skill or experience and certainly some effort. The opportunities listed are definitely plausible and provide you with the chance to earn additional money from home.

If you are bilingual there is always need for translators. Don't just think Bulgarian. People with holiday rental websites would often like them to be in other languages but lack the necessary skills. Email them and suggest you could do it. Note: avoid translating into anything than your mother tongue

Article writing
You'll need excellent spelling and grammar with a good writing style but if you have a subject which you believe you can write well about, there are people looking for you. Try a Google search for writing opportunities or freelance writers and you'll see there are thousands of possibilities.

Window cleaning
I know that this is not strictly working at home but considering that many Bulgarian homes have the double window system, this could be a winner. All you need is a van and a ladder.  I don't know of anyone offering this service in Bulgaria but if someone approached us, we would most likely say yes, as we have 18 windows, all doubled up!

If you have the knack for taking excellent pictures, you might like to consider selling your photos online. There are several sites which allow you to upload your photos for sale and you'll get a commission each time one is downloaded. You'll need plenty of piccies though, as commissions are low.

Laundry Service
If you are at home all day, why not set up a laundry service. Offer laundry and ironing, where they deliver and collect to you. You're bound to already have a washing machine and iron, and probably a tumble drier. From running rental properties myself, this is one of the dreaded aspects of constant turn-rounds. Find people in your area who are renting out properties, running a bed and breakfast or contact restaurants: even working women who have kids and don't have much time for laundry.

Although I have not done this, I do know of many who earn decent money by buying and selling on ebay. Indeed, we have one friend who makes enough to make this their sole job. Buy things cheap, put on a mark-up and place them on the site. Don't buy a lot of stuff to begin with or you could end up with a load of stock you can't shift.

English Lessons
In your home for small groups of, say, four. Numerous young Bulgarians really want to improve their spoken English - and also understand more about western Europe. Cocntact your nearest school and offer to run 'speaking' classes at home.

A man with a van
Delivery charges can be expensive when renovating a house, and not all expats have a van, so if both you and the van are sitting around doing nothing, consider hiring
Yourselves out for a day rate plus fuel. Plus an extra pair of hands for loading, and with yourself doing the driving there are no worries with having an inexperienced driver in your vehicle.

Cleaning and Gardening
Obvious work, but not every expat can manage as they get older with property and garden maintenance.

Cattery and Kennels
Many expats with pets still travel either on holiday or back home to visit friends and family. This may not be a full-time job but word gets around and could prove a help to many.