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Factfile: Bulgaria phones and internet

In this Members Factfile, we look at landline phones, mobiles and internet in Bulgaria. The factfile has lots of links to all the major websites in English where you can obtain more information about what packages are available from a variety of suppliers.



Land lines

The Bulgarian national provider for telephone and internet services is Vivacom (the old BTC and Vivatel now combined). The company provides services to businesses and private individuals.


To have a land line installed, you will need to visit your nearest dealer and request connection. You will need proof of identity. If you don't know where your nearest dealer is, or require further assistance, you will find information at the Vivacom website.

The site contains prices and services, frequently asked questions, mobile phones and coverage. There are several packages available, depending upon your requirements. Make sure you understand what each package offers and ask if there are any special promotions available at the time.

A current list of available packages can be found again on their website.

You will receive a monthly invoice through the post which needs to be paid within two weeks. Bulgarian companies are pretty strict about payment times, so don't delay as you may find yourself cut off. There are several ways to pay your bill : direct debit, through an ATM machine if you have a bank card, on the internet, bank transfer or at a post office. Some banks and shops also allow payment.

If you move home, you will want to disconnect or transer the service if possible. Visit your nearest dealer with proof of identity. You will need to check if you can keep the same phone number and transfer it to your new home.

Some of the cable television providers also offer home telephone services, providing your television service is with them. Companies such as CableTEL offer this service. They also provide internet services. For more information, you can visit the CableTEL site.

Mtel provide fixed lines which you can subscribe to via a local dealer. Again, you will need proof of identity and will be expected to sign a contract. They service both businesses and private individuals. Information about the services they offer can be found on the Mtel website.

If you are making a lot of long distance or international calls, then it may be worth contacting Orbitel. This is a pre-paid service specifically for these types of calls. You simply remain with your current provider and use the Orbitel service.


Vivacom, M-Tel and Globul are the biggest national providers for mobile phone services. All of them offer national coverage and to be honest, payment plans are pretty similar. You can opt for pre-paid cards or sign a contract.



The number of providers has increased substantially over the last couple of years, although Vivacom is still the largest. As a brief overview:

Vivacom: ADSL Broadband and WiFi is available to you if you are already a customer with a landline. They have many packages available. For example, ADSL Broadband (6gb up and 6gb down), landline with free 60 hours of calls anywhere in Europe - for 35 leva a month.
Orbitel : Suitable if you only access the internet from time to time as they provide a free dial-up access
Cable: Some cable television companies include internet in their tv service
Mobile: Mobile providers offer internet access. Be careful that you do not exceed the download figure they quote, or you could be in for a nasty surprise when you get your bill.

There are also numerous smaller local providers who offer dial-up, fast connections and wifi. Bulgaria has 'leapfrogged' many other countries and has foregone wires in favour of wireless directly, so you'll be surprised where you can get wifi.

Tip: An excellent way of paying bills in Bulgaria is to use the ePay system. EPay is online for electronic transfer to individuals and businesses. You can find out about how to pay with ePay via their website.