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Work From Home Overseas

Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain or France.. wherever you choose to buy property and move to, most expats are looking for an income. Even those who are semi-retirees want to generate more money or overcome boredom.

If you are thinking the same, what kind of business would you want? What kind of work can you do overseas? Perhaps something run from home which could fit around your family and home life? Certainly something easy to establish and operate with low overheads!

We have the answer - an ever-popular way of owning and running your own business, is buying a Bulgarian Real Estate Business Website where you are the boss! It is also a cheap way of entering into your own business enterprise but you are not on your own, so the risks are hugely reduced. For the first time, Quest are offering you the chance to operate a website business that can be built by us from as little as 50 euros.


Work from home - Bulgarian Real Estate Business Website

The Bulgarian property market has the best value properties within the EU. There are literally thousands of properties owned by foreigners, mainly from Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, the USA and Scandinavia. There has never been a better time to invest in Bulgarian property due to the global financial crisis which has witnesses property price crashes all over the world.

Bulgaria is a very beautiful country, it offers a healthy lifestyle with the added advantage that the cost of living in Bulgaria is the lowest in the EU.

A wonderful renovated fully furnished property in rural Bulgaria can now be found for the same cost as a family sized car.

This is why being involved in its property market is risk free on your investment, and not only that, you are guaranteed to see a 100% return on your investment in a very short amount of time.

How the business works

The search module in the middle of the page has access to thousands of Bulgarian properties and anyone who sends an enquiry about a property through its contact form will be recorded by the head office of the agents. If this lead converts to a sale, you will be paid a percentage of the agents commission.

You can advertise this website in any way you feel will promote it in order to generate new leads which could potentially convert to sales and in return, profit for yourself. (Please feel free to contact us for more details)

In the current economic climate, setting up your own business is a huge gamble and a risk strategy: very cruel to the small business. With a real estate business website you are benefitting from the work someone else has already done: been there, through the pain, got the t-shirt, the blood sweat and tears -  and come out on top: A successful business model, with support and backup for you.

For those seeking to buy property overseas and move to another country, it would be well worth you considering a web based business. This can eliminate the need to speak a foreign language and add substantial income.

The site runs 100% on autopilot so there is no work needed from the new owner. The site is linked via its property search directly to the database of one of Bulgaria's biggest real estate agents:

This is why being involved in its property market is risk free on your investment.

The real estate business websites are as easy to run and no special skills are required. All of which can be fitted around your lifestyle and family commitments. Contact us at Quest property and lifestyle for more details about business websites today and start earning from home.