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Taking the Test-Learning to Drive in Bulgaria


There has never been a better time to take a driving test in Bulgaria, and whatever your reasons are for learning in Bulgaria, it is important to know the process of getting a license.

For those who want  to learn to ride a small moped, you must be at least 16 years of age   and take a test.
If others who are interested in taking a standard driving test, you must be at least 18 years old. When finding a driving instructor, it is very important to be sure you choose a teacher or school that is recognised by the Министерството на транспорта or in English -Bulgarian Ministry of Transport.
Ensure that the school or instructor is a reputable one and is registered by this ministry.

A Bulgarian driving course includes:
40 hours of driving theory, 24 hours of driving lessons and a first aid course.
On applying for a license, you must visit the local hospital to have a brief medical check, these tests include hearing, eye sight and other general health checks, and this is to confirm that you are or are not physically able to drive a vehicle.
After completing a course of lessons, you can then take your driving test. There are, like in most countries, a theory and practical examination. When both the tests have been successfully completed, you may go to the traffic police (KAT)  so that they can issue you with a Bulgarian driving license. Before the traffic police issue a license, you must provide the following documents at the their  department:

Proof of identification, certificates to say that both theory and practical test have been passed successfully,a first aid certificate issued by the Bulgarian Red cross,your medical certificate which you receive after passing your health check, and receipt for your paid driving lessons.
If no problems occur during this procedure, the traffic police will issue a license upon completion. Last year the cost of this driving lessons and test package was between 700 and 900 Bulgarian leva, however, since the global financial crisis ,also affecting  Bulgaria, this price has plummeted to about 300-400 leva. A Bulgarian driver’s license is now valid in all EU countries, which has prompted people from other European countries to travel to Bulgaria to take the test cheaper. Bulgarian traffic flows on the right hand side of the road, which is important to remember for anybody planning to drive in Bulgaria.