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Water Shortages in Bulgaria

Water shortages are not uncommon in Bulgaria. Between the summer heat and constant failures in old pipes, there have been numerous problems, obliging people to ration and rely on the nearest well or spring, where fresh, clean water is available. 

Although many Bulgarians have some sort of backup system or supply, such as 100 liter water containers which are used for storage.Bulgaria has faced so many problems with water situations and is still dealing with them currently. For expats this may seem incredibly unfulfilling; however there are a few ways to cope and allow you to live through this problem.
How to cope without water
One of the greatest advantages, living in a village are the many wells and springs that are scattered around and usually water is accessible most of the time, although in the summer months it’s possible for them to dry up. A bore sunk is one option that allows you to store clean water underground. This can be very expensive, but is very reliable.  An average price would cost you 1,000 to 1,500Leva depending on the depth of the hole; many quote their price on per meter.  Another, cheaper option if you have a large quantity of stored water would be to install a hydrofoil which can circulate water from a large tank  to the mains. These can be purchased from any DIY store for no more than 500lv for an average house. It would be a good idea to reserve a few barrels of water before hand in case of emergencies.
What to Remember before you buy a property?
Bulgaria’s rural areas are usually hit hardest. This is because many of the properties are not connected to a mains water supply. The cities and towns rarely suffer from water shortages and when they do, it lasts no longer than a couple of days. Unlike some villages that have to cope for up to 8 weeks without water. If you are buying a property in a village, find out and ask about the water situation. It would be more reliable to ask a villager than your estate agent.    Bulgaria is working hard to improve its water system to those who are most effected.Nevertheless; there are still many villages that are facing this major dilemma.
Why does Bulgaria face water shortages?
The problem is down to two reasons. Firstly, the aged infrastructure in Bulgaria: such as the old and overworked pipes and equipment. Secondly, the climatic changes in the past 10 years have been vast. The rainfall and snow have decreased which has caused there to be less water in the reservoirs. And the higher temperatures are causing reservoirs to dry out.
What are they doing about it?
According to Bulgarian municipalities, 600 million euro is being funded by the EU to improve and sort out Bulgaria’s antiquated water system.
Many Villages across the country have been given new water supply’s taken from other larger reservoirs.