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The Bulgarian Postal Service

The Bulgarian Postal Service (bulgarski Poshti) is the national postal service of Bulgaria.

The company was found after the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule, and the Russians handed over  all of the post and telegraph offices to the newly re-stored Bulgarian state on 14 May 1879.

Bulgarian Posts is completely owned 100% by Bulgaria.
There are about 3,200 post offices throughout Bulgaria and they offer a variety of services to private and business customers.

The post office services include: letter and parcel post, telegram and telephone services, utility bill payments and banking services for Bulgarian PostalBanks.

Postal services
Private and international letters and small parcels can be sent either registered or none registered, and with or without insurance.
Registered letter and small packages can be followed by a  Track and Trace system.It costs extra for a receipt with a tracking number, which you are able to track up to leaving Bulgaria . This is expensive at an extra 3 Leva but offers peace of mind especially if posting important items.

Courier Services
Bulgaria has over 200 post offices that provide domestic and international courier services, using Bulpost and EMS. Items can be either delivered or collected from the post office or the customer’s home or workplace.

Writing an address
To send mail to and from Bulgaria, the common practice is to write in a recognised language i.e. English.
Post sent within Bulgaria can be written in either Bulgarian or English.
Addressee’s are written on the bottom right hand corner of the letter or parcel. The sender will need to write their name and address on the top left hand corner of the letter (except parcels).
Bulgaria’s postal codes or zip codes are made up of a 4 digit number.

Forwarding Mail
The Bulgarian post office provides a mail forwarding service within Bulgaria for up to a year. You will need to apply in writing for this service, and a charge is made which can be paid in advance or monthly instalments. It is not available overseas.
Information can be found on the website which offers an English translation