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Bulgarian Cosmetic Treatments

Many people visit Bulgaria not just for a holiday but,for the purpose of cosmetic treatment and dental work.A flight and accomodation can still prove an inexpensive option for those conscious in todays society obsessed with beauty,looks and perfection.It can often save hundreds of pounds in comparison to treatment in the west,in an ever growing industry.Women in the U.K alone are reported to spend hundreds of pounds on cosmetics,which collectively runs into billions every year.

Average U.K prices for private cosmetic treatments:

    30-40 GBP = False nails at a salon
    60-80 GBP = hair coloured at a salon
    10-20 GBP = hair cut
    90 GBP = tooth extraction
    550 GBP = for a bridge
    300 GBP = tooth whitening

The price list continues! Whether it is Botox, teeth whitening or a simple hair cut you're in need of, prices in the UK can be incredibly expensive.

For those planning on spending a longer time in Bulgaria, you will have the chance to take advantage of what is on offer. One of the places you are sure to visit will be a hair salon. When visiting a Bulgarian beauty or hair salon, you will notice that the work is done carefully and with high-quality products. Salons are of similar or even better standard compared to those in the UK and are calm and welcoming places to visit.There are an abundance of Nail bars often incorporated in Salons for Manicures,Pedicures and False nails. Making an appointment works in the same manner as other countries,and most speak English in the major cities. You can either book or appointment via telephone or by visiting the salon.

Eastern Europe is a favoured destination for those wishing to have dental treatments. In the UK, a simple tooth extraction at a private clinic can cost between 100-200 GBP and cosmetic dental treatment is even more expensive. Teeth whitening in Bulgaria is reasonably cheap and can cost between 100-200 Bulgarian Leva, for a full set of teeth. Prices for teeth whitening can be charged for either a full set or per tooth, as the client may only require front teeth treated.The price of this procedure is a significant amount cheaper compared to Britain, where you can expect to pay 300 GBP, compared to the 60-90 GBP that you can expect to pay in Bulgaria for the same treatment.

Having straight teeth is important for most people and is a common treatment for people of all ages. In the UK,children under 16 are lucky to have their treatment paid for by the NHS. However,anyone over the age of 16, who unfortunately have to pay, often have to spend about 1500 GBP upwards.The Bulgarian alternative, including braces, check-ups and care will cost an average of 200-400 leva, which is about 70-160 GBP. Prices vary on whether you have a removable or fixed brace, as the removable braces are cheaper.

Dentists practices in Bulgaria are very modern. The dentists and nurses who work in these practices are very helpful, highly-trained people. If you decide to have treatment in Bulgaria, don’t just settle for the first one you visit, get several quotes like you would at home.

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