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Despina Kler - The Harlot and the Seraphs

Each day we receive several e-mails from readers of Quest Bulgaria related to subjects from legal advice to promotional events, of which we always reply to offer assistance to the best of our ability.

One day in mid-August however, we received an e-mail from a young lady from Sofia by the name of Despina Kler. 23 Year old Despina explained to us of her lifetime passion to be an author and of the moving story of her life as she was growing up.

She has now completed her first book entitled ‘The Harlot and the seraphs', a true and somewhat disturbing biography of herself. In the book she tells of her abusive mother and the fear she had of her from the tender age of 9. The story continues to Despina leaving home at the age of 18 and describes how at such a young age she was not aware of the cruel world that was about to embrace her. It was in her desperation for food and somewhere to live that she later turned to prostitution.

The book is more than an autobiography; it is a heart to heart lesson in life to bring awareness to both mothers and daughters of just how a lack of communication and understanding can tear relationships apart and destroy family life.

The story continues to where Despina is today and how her life is almost where she wants it to be. Her writing is now her life and she is working very hard to get sponsors to help finance her work.

Despina`s wish is to tell it as it was for her with no holds barred and this is how the story is told. The content is therefore for adult readers only due to several references being of a very sexually explicit nature.

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The book is currently published in 2 parts with the first part being in English and the second in Bulgarian. The author will be happy to provide the available English chapters and preface to serious investors/sponsors. The book in its entirety in English and Bulgarian  can also be purchased via Despina or through the outlets and

To follow soon: Quest Bulgaria will be interviewing Despina about her life now and her ambition to become a successful author in the career of writing.

Please contact Despina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.