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An Interview With Author Despina Kler

Quest Bulgaria recently published an article about the Sofia born author, Despina Kler. We were also fortunate to interview Despina about her life, her passion for writing and the release of her first book.

Here is what Despina had to say.

I understand that you were born and raised in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria. Can you describe what growing up in Sofia was like for you, would you say it is a friendly city?

Yes, it is a friendly city, with nice, but unfortunately very anxious people. I like the fact that I was born in Sofia, because the possibilities in the other towns aren't so good and increasingly people come to live in the capital just because here there are more jobs. I constantly look at the people and I see that they don't talk to each other, they are very nervous, because they keep inside their feelings and thoughts. I see also many people, who fear to achieve their dreams and even worse-they don't know themselves and aren't sure what would make them happier. And in my opinion this is sad, because life is too short... and there's no time for lies or semi-truths.

Although you were born just short of the end of communism in Bulgaria, are you influenced or supportive of it in any way and do you believe that Bulgaria is now a better country without it?

Oh, if there was communism in Bulgaria now, "The Harlot and the Seraphs" wouldn't be published or maybe I would be already in some prison, because it is very scandalous, erotic and full with irony. I thank fate that I was born in this time, because now Bulgarians are free to do what they want and they are limited only from the question: "Can I afford this or not?". The reality in our country is the following: before the end of communism (1989) nobody could express his individuality, because he would be punished in one way or another, and after 1989 people are independent to show themselves only if they have the possibility to do it... Every time has its pluses and minuses, but I prefer to be an optimist. There is too much pessimism in Bulgaria still.

At what age did you realise your love of writing and decide that being an author was your chosen career path?

I don't just write. Literature is my way to breathe. I wrote my first poem, when I was 9 years old, but then it wasn't such a conscious passion for me. During many years (about 10) I didn't stop writing poems inspirited mostly from love and although many critics try to show me, that I am not good at this, I didn't discourage, of course, not without the support of some friends. There is much malice in some of the older writers towards us, the new generation, and I wrote the book with the story of my life, because I dreamed to show them and myself, that I am able of this. Because I think, that to write one book (especially if it is with real events) is a challenge... This book helped me to purify my soul and to go forward...

How difficult is it to become an author in Bulgaria compared to other countries and does Bulgaria have many famous writers?

Ooh, believe me it is very difficult to be an author in Bulgaria, especially if you are young person, who tries to succeed alone (without some contacts with the "important VIPs"). That's why there aren't many famous writers here. Just because nobody cares about someone who decided to make an art and this to be his life! Bulgaria doesn't take care of its talents! The famous writers are about 40-50 years old and many of them (not everybody) want to cut the wings of the new authors and to break their hopes for growth... In fact, many things in Bulgaria aren't exactly what they should be. Despite all this, I love my country and I create my books, stage plays (I have two), short stories and poems in Bulgarian language!

Which author(s) would you say is your favourite and most inspirational (worldwide)?

My favourite authors are Maiya Yurinova (For me she is world famous!), Danielle Steel, Marquis de Sade and others. However, I don't read very much and I keep my mind clean. I am mostly inspired from love and from my own soul. Maybe you will ask me why from my soul?! Just many, many heroes and heroines live in my head. They wait to be awakened by my pen and I have to do it, because they strongly desire to "see the light of day" on my sheet.

You have recently published your first book ‘The Harlot and the Seraphs' which is an autobiography, what are your goals for the book and why did you decide to tell your story?

Yes. I wrote my story, because I know that worldwide there are girls who have chosen a similar path. My book is an appeal to them to love themselves whatever they do, and have principles, with which to hold on firmly. I also turn to the parents-to understand their children better, to give them a helping hand and to be their support, not enemies! Let everybody read between the lines and to drag out their own message from "The Harlot and the Seraphs"!
My big dream is for some film maker to make a movie based on my book!

Although the book is your biography, the content is very much for adult reading only, will future publications be fictional and will they continue along the lines of adult/erotic material?

My purpose is my pen name Despina Kler to become synonym of an original style, stories full with reality, passion and heroes who are a token from life. And yes, I will continue along the lines for Adult readers. Frankly, even my best friends are 35 years old and older. I myself feel like I am not 23 years old and I am older... So I will always write fiction for Adults.

Is the book aimed at Bulgarian readers only or is there an English language version?

My book isn't aimed at Bulgarian readers only. It is for all readers, who would like to see the truth about life in the small countries and to understand how hard it is to be a young person in one material world, for everyone with an independent mind! It has English language version (for now only the first part is translated in English). Nine chapters from the first part have French translation, too.

Where can the book be purchased?

For now it can be purchased from, Pennsylvania and from, Georgia. If someone would like to buy the Bulgarian language version of "The Harlot and the Seraphs" then please write to me via my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The second part in Bulgarian language is in a very small edition-my friend helps me to publish only 200 copies, so quantity is limited!

We recently published an article about yourself and your book; we reported that you are in need of some outside help in the way of sponsors, investors and publishers. Have you anything that you would like to add to this?

I know that in these days there is a big financial crisis, but I need help just like the small child feels the need to be held when he makes his first steps... Be sure, that I would be thankful to anyone, who responds to my request!

Thank you, Despina, for taking the time to take this interview. We wish you all the best luck in your venture.
Thank you, too! Best of luck!