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October In Bulgaria

October in Bulgaria is possibly one, if not the best month of the year. Skies are filled with many species of migrating birds; the seas are calm yet still relatively warm. You can still enjoy a glass of wine on your

terrace. This is the ideal time to take a viewing trip or a well earned break without the crowds or for trying your hand at a sport or activity in the beautiful fresh Autumn air.

The Climate

October weather is still warm, and whilst winter is knocking on the door the climate is ideal for exploring or getting on with jobs that you put off during the summer because it was too hot to move away from the pool. However, not everyone enjoys the scorching heat of the summer months and if you are one of those people who prefer warm weather as opposed to boiling hot, then October is the perfect month to visit. On the coast you can still brave these or sit outside and dine alfresco. Skies are still incredibly blue although the day may start with a slight morning mist. It is still T shirt weather during the day, albeit long-sleeved T shirts.Interestingly I had guests from the U.K for coffee today and they complained at how hot it was!

Autumn brings spectacular sights particularly in the mountains regions with the changing colours of the leaves. The diverse palette of burnt ochre, burgundy red, bright orange, lime green, muted copper and vivid yellows is something not witnessed in such abundance in most countries. Bulgarian mountains slopes are home to a wide variety of deciduous tree species, which has added to this dance of colour. In some areas wild flowers, like the dainty, pink autumn crocus, cover the valleys and lower slopes. Autumns harvest also blends and compliments the colours of the leaves as does the rich autumnal sunset. There is nothing more satisfying than walking along a tree-lined path listening to the scrunch of the fallen leaves as wade your way through them.

Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Picking

During October streets and roadsides are an array of colour was farmers and villagers attempt to sell their produce; bright orange pumpkins, rich green leeks, juicy red apples, sandy coloured squash are but a few of the fruits and veg harvested during this month. On country walks you can pluck apples and pears from trees and gorge yourself on walnuts or hazelnuts. This is a perfect time to download new recipes to use the October produce - its healthy, tasty and organic and if you have generous neighbours its likely to cost you absolutely nothing.

A Time to Explore

The warmth of October and lack of rain make it a perfect time to go for long walks and cycle rides or to visit cultural and historic sights. During summer, it is too hot to undertake such activities and during winter some places are inaccessible because of the generous snowfall. Indeed many of the mountain treasures like the Rhodope's Devil a month to savourThroat Cave are closed during winter because they are either too difficult or too unsafe to visit. October is a great month for sport and relaxation; open air public mineral springs are fantastic places to visit; their healing waters are warm and the outdoor temperature does not leave you shivering with pneumonia! Paragliding is also popular at this time of year as the thermal winds are just right to launch yourself from a nearby hill or cliff. And whilst the Black Sea beach resorts have more-or-less closed down for winter, it is still possible to take a pleasant dip in the warm waters of the Black Sea

What the Locals Do

During October, Bulgarians start to prepare for winter by buying in wood to burn in fireplaces and stoves. They also burn the stubble in the fields and till the land so that it is in perfect condition for the spring. One important job during this month is the harvesting and preserving of food. Apples and pears are picked and wrapped individually in newspaper so that they ripen for Christmas. Windfalls are collected and put into plastic barrels ready for Rakiya. Walnuts are laid on trays and turned in the October sun. Figs are turned into jam and grapes made into wine. Peppers of all colours and shapes are pickled; chillies are threaded onto cotton and left to dry. Out of necessity Bulgarian villagers have to ensure that all of their home-grown produce is used and provides them with enough food over the cold winter months.