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Telling Friends And Family You're Moving Abroad

Moving to Bulgaria, is a new and exciting adventure, and that's why so many people choose to do it.


However, while it may be a stimulating journey to you, for family and friends this is not the case and it will most likely leave them feeling shocked and upset. Of course, they will probably be happy for you and proud of your courageousness, but at the same time, they will be frightened of loosing you - especially to somewhere so far away. On the other hand, there will be others who might feel slightly jealous and some who will criticize your plans. Make sure you do not let them get you down; they will come around sooner or later. Nevertheless, here are some useful tips on how to deal with this difficult situation and how to make things easier, for you and for them.

Stay positive

Staying positive is a crucial task to follow when you break the news to friends and relatives. This can be a hard task to follow, especially when the guilt trips occur. But this mustn't leave you with second thoughts or put a downer on things - people must not change your mind! This is something you do for yourself. Before you let them know, you need to make sure you are feeling confident, prepared and ready to handle unenthusiastic reactions. This will not only make you feel more certain of yourself, but will also show your family how organized you are, which will therefore allow them to feel more confident towards your move.

Don't insult or offend them

It may be your dream to move to another country, but it isn't everybody's. There are a lot of people who dislike their home country and do everything they can to let the people around them know about it. Please don't be one of those people; it is not fair on your family and friends who do like their country and it will only result in bad feeling between you and them. Whether or not you feel bitter towards your country for one reason or another, it does not give you the right to offend others.

Reassure them that you'll keep in touch

It is impossible to find difficulty in staying in touch with friends and relatives these days. Phones, mobiles, Skype and the countless social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. make staying in contact very easy. Reassure them that you will be in touch regularly - and don't break that promise!

Remember: you need their encouragement

Moving to another country isn't easy and without the encouragement of family and friends, it makes things even harder. So, their support is needed and can help immensely with the moving process. It is a vital aspect to know you're on good terms with the ones you love and care about; and if you ever need a consoling chat when you are feeling homesick - they'll be there for you.