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Creative Christmas Gifts

Make your Christmas presents unique this year with our creative Christmas gifts ideas and add something typically and uniquely Bulgarian. It's a great excuse to take a low cost flight over to Bulgaria to do your Christmas shopping and enjoy the wonderful Christmas lights and trees, which adorn every city, town and village. 

With the increase in shopping malls there is now plenty of choice but the best thing about shopping in Bulgaria is the absence of frantic shoppers making your retail experience a pleasant and calm one well worth the extra expense of getting here. Here we have put together a selection of ideas for creative Christmas gifts from Bulgaria.

Rose Oil

Bulgaria's rose oil is world famous and forms the basis of many of the most famous international perfumes. However, rather than just buying a standard bottle of Chanel, why not invest in some of the country's rose oil products which are only available over here? Toiletry stores like Refan, sell a wide range of rose oil body lotions, face creams and perfumes. The outstanding gift being a 1 kg block of transparent soap, which contains little roses inside. It's simply beautiful and almost to pretty to use and the smell is divine. Refan stores will cut the block into smaller pieces if required.They also stock products made from Bulgarian lavender oil including scented candles.

Bulgarian Wine

Bulgaria produces some of the best wine in the world, yet it is often overlooked in the West. Prices range from 4 lv. to 40 lv. A quality bottle of Bulgarian wine makes an ideal Christmas gift and some of it comes in beautifully decorated boxes. Check out Tcherga if you want good packaging. At only 13 lv. a bottle you can afford to buy it's red, white and rose blends. Alternatively, read some of our wine reviews to select the perfect accompaniment for your Christmas Day lunch.

Handmade Kilims/Rugs

Some areas in Bulgaria like Kotel and Choprovtsi are famed for their exquisite handmade rugs. They are made from merlotkhan-krumeither sheep's or goat's wool woven on both sides with fantastic designs. Chiprovtsi carpets are famed for their colourful geometric designs, whilst Kotel carpets often feature diamond designs in only four colours, blue, black, green and red. They can be used as wall-hangings, blankets or rugs and there is a choice in size making them easy to transport back home. Stores in the capital sell the traditional rugs or you can visit one of these towns and purchase them there. Rugs from the Rhodope Mountains are also unique. They come in natural colours and are extremely warm when used as blankets. They are either fluffy resembling a sheep skin or flat with a striped or diamond pattern in a contrasting colour to the natural wool.


Chubritsa is a Bulgarian spice used in a variety of dishes. It is a species of the herb Satureia Hortensis or savory as it is more commonly known, which grows particularly well here. People sprinkle it on pizza, soup, cheese on toast and bread and butter as well as adding it to meat based dishes. It is the perfect gift for those who love to cook and those who like to eat! The best thing about the Chubritsa sold here is the way it is packaged. Sometimes the spice is combined with red pepper and layered into attractive designs in beautifully decorated jars.

Bulgarian Clay Pottery

If you have visited a typical Bulgarian household you may have seen some of the handcrafted clay pottery on display or in use. It comes in all forms from ashtrays and coffee mugs to large clay cooking pots known as a gyuvech. The pottery is hand made out of clay and carefully coloured and hand painted with a traditional Bulgarian design. The pottery is sold vitually everywhere including in the cash andcarry supermarket Metro which has an extensive selection.

Bulgarian Cookbook

There are several cookbooks on the market, which provide you with all of those delicious dishes you love to eat when you are in Bulgaria and better still some of them are now available in English. The Queen of Eastern Cuisine, Silvena Rowe has a book entitled The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary and Classic Recipes, which includes recipes from Bulgaria, whilst Bulgarian Rhapsody by Linda Forrestal is full of classic recipes with an emphasis on many of its tasty vegetarian dishes.

Language Course

The Bulgarian language is rich and unique. So many of you promise to learn the language so why not buy your nearest and dearest a Bulgarian language course - that way you will both be able to study. There are lots of language courses available including our own in the Member's Area. You can buy them online at sites like Amazon or in regular book stores. If you purchase a course with a CD then you can be sure you are pronouncing the words correctly.

More Gift Ideas

Bulgaria is also famous for its Handmade Wood Carving, Icon Painting and weaving which make great gift ideas for loved ones. Or add a little Bulgarian spice to Christmas and choose a calendar of Bulgarian scenes or a book about the country, or try your hand at our Christmas biscuit recipe in our Food section.

If you want to really surprise a loved one with something Bulgarian why not buy them a house here! Prices can range from as little as 4,000 Euros to a million Euros. Imagine that little gift wrapped box containing the keys to your new Bulgarian home - what a wonderful surprise.

OK, a Lada is really a Russian innovation but it is still a popular Bulgarian car. Why not get one restored and present the keys to your beloved on Christmas Day?

Some truly creative christmas gifts ideas exclusively from Bulgaria, and a few maybe just too big for the Christmas stocking!