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Business Savvy

Many people make a permanent move to Bulgaria and make a living by turning their hobbies into a business opportunity. 

With the global credit crisis affecting the very fabric of British life, it may be time to get out of the proverbial rat race and make a new start by turning your passion into your job.

Another way to dream up a business that you could run in Bulgaria is to take a look at what makes money at home now and transport these ideas with you. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at some ideas for making a living in Bulgaria.

Outdoor Pursuits Centres

Bulgaria's beautiful and varied landscape makes it an ideal choice for outdoor pursuits and whilst some companies have set up in this area offering sports like rafting and parasailing, there is still plenty of potential to expand. If you have a sporting hobby, which you would love to turn into a business, then consider setting up in Bulgaria. By hiring local guides and buying second hand equipment you could set up for a relatively low cost. You could market your service through a website as well as through local hotels and guesthouses.

Business Schools

There are plenty of Language schools in Bulgarian cities, which are looking for English teachers, but there is still room for businesses along similar lines. English is the world's number one business language and many Bulgarians are very keen to learn the language or improve existing skills. Furthermore, Bulgaria lags behind many western European countries in terms of business acumen. There is an opening here for a business school, which teaches people how to set up their own business and gives training in customer service. Additionally, expats moving to Bulgaria also need tuition on setting up their own business here.

Fast Food and Cafes

Fast food chains like McDonalds, Subway and KFC are opening up in all major cities in the country. However, there are still gaps in their service and coverage particularly in smaller towns and holiday resorts. Good sandwiches are very hard to come by despite the excellent quality of Bulgarian bread and Chinese and Indian takeaways are few and far between. Even something as simple as a hot dog stand or lay-by burger van would be worth a try. The British expat market has spread across the country and expat bars, shops and restaurants serve few areas. Bulgaria in itself has a well-developed cafĂ© culture so anything in this area stands a good chance of success.

Accommodation Services

Other than booking into a hotel prior to your arrival in Bulgaria, there is little choice of accommodation, yet many families rent good quality rooms at very competitive rates. An Internet service, which could offer good quality accommodation to foreigners looking to get away from the package holiday hotel chains, could work. In particular it would be an excellent service for students and could even be turned around to provide accommodation in UK families for Bulgarian language students.


Whilst Bulgarian bread is tasty, there is little choice in the way of good tasty pastries and buns. Many ex butchers who have moved to Bulgaria have found their skills in demand here from both the expat community and local Bulgarians and this is likely to be the case for any baker who fancies setting up shop here.

Swimming Pools and Gardening

Many people who live in Bulgaria are pensioners who need someone to do basic garden and swimming pool maintenance. They are not looking for elaborate landscape gardening just a little weeding and lawn mowing. During the hot summer months none of us want to spend our time tending our gardens and this service would for most expats be invaluable.

Children's Entertainment

Bulgarians rely on their extended family to look after and entertain children, but times are changing and there is plenty of room for play centres, party organisers and even baby-sitting services. The number of expat children in Bulgaria is also growing and because expat parents have moved without friends and family to support them, such services would be invaluable.

Getting Started

Once you have decided on a business idea you need to decide on a suitable location, which well supports your idea. Nest you need to research the footfall and potential demand. You also need to look at how much it will cost you to buy in the items you intend to sell or look at what competitors are charging for such things. This will help you work out potential costs and profit. Once you have all of this information in hand, you can evaluate whether it is worth setting up a business in your chosen location.