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Making the Move

If you are fed up with the rat race of your home country and dream of moving abroad, don't just quit your job and move. Ensure you research thoroughly and read all the

information you can find before embarking on finding a better future.


There are many points to consider before taking the step, but if done carefully, it can turn out to be one of the best decisions you will make in life. Remember you are not the first person, and you will not be the last in leaving your roots to find new pastures for yourself and loved ones to explore and enjoy.

Points to consider

First of all make sure that all family members agree with the prospect of moving, many couples and families can have some keener than others. This is the first hurdle to clear; otherwise problems and resentment can occur later. Many marriages have failed, and families have been split due to such a big move.

Spend time there first; it is a good idea to rent a place before you buy, in particular countries like Bulgaria offer reasonable rent and living costs to allow you to sample the lifestyle before making a commitment. It also gives you time to explore what area you would prefer to settle in. This is invaluable as it can save time and money in the long run. Many expats have rushed into buying a bargain home only to discover they do not like the village or city they originally chose. This is sometimes not helped by pushy estate agents, directing you to certain areas. Do your own homework as to what you want, and make it clear when initially searching - it is you who has to live there and if you prefer more life then choose a town or city, alternatively if you want a quieter life opt for a village location.

Covering the cost

Depending on your financial circumstances you may need to consider earning a living. This can be very difficult for a foreigner, and is one of the most common reasons for failing and retuning home for an expat .If you need to work, think carefully about what type of business idea you propose to do. Do as much research and make enquiries regarding your venture, in Bulgaria it is no good setting up a high class restaurant in a poor village location where nobody can afford to use. Ideally have enough money to secure you for a year, this will allow time to go ahead with your plans. This can be extremely difficult in a new country can add to the stress of moving, so prepare in advance.

Settling in

After the main important issues have been covered then it is time to enjoy the other less stressful benefits of moving to Bulgaria. Get involved with the local community and make new friends. Try to have a mixture of friends not all expats, after all why did you move? Remember to settle in you need to integrate and if possible learn the language. Also get involved with the local traditions and learn hobbies like dancing, cooking and history, by gaining knowledge about the country you have made your new home, it will only help you settle there.

Nobody's future is certain but when embarking on a new life give it 100% and go ahead and enjoy what your new country offers, with the correct approach it will probably be the best decision you will have made. Remember there is no perfect place in the world it is where your life is the happiest.