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Moving Abroad? Come to Bulgaria

Each year sees thousands of British citizens uproot their tedious lives in the U.K in order to emigrate to their chosen destination abroad.


The previous two years however have seen a slight decline in the number of Brits who decide to make the move. This change in trend has surprised many considering the recession which has hit many countries, including the United Kingdom.

So why are more people taking the option of ‘staying put'? Based on the attitudes of 100 inhabitants of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland, we discovered that money worries were top of the list, and the thought of giving up their jobs and homes which they are struggling to hold on to is just too much of a risk.

Calculating the Risk

These are perfectly fair comments but surely over the years it has been the exact same reason for those wanting to move in the first place. Another important issue though, is that some countries receive more promotion than others via the media, be it television coverage, websites or magazines, and like it or not, most of us are highly influenced by what we see and read in the media.

For many British people the thought of moving to another country these days seems just too expensive in terms of house prices and cost of living. This may well be true when considering the favoured destinations of France and Spain, but what about Bulgaria?

What Bulgaria Offers

Excellent value for money has to be top of this list and there is no doubt that Bulgaria is unbeatable when we consider how far our money goes here. Bulgaria is very much a property buyers market now and there are thousands of bargain properties to be had. Inland villages offer the real deals with large properties needing modernisation or renovation being offered below 4000 Euros. A completely renovated house with garden can be found for as little as 20,000 Euros in some areas. Purchasing property in Bulgaria has never been easier as recent changes by the government now allows for foreigners to buy land without having to have a Bulgarian LTD company.

The Black Sea Coast has an abundance of low cost apartments for sale from as low as 35,000 Euros and the choice is enormous, especially in the main resort of Sunny Beach. Because of the inflated prices in the tourist areas these are more suited to those who are considering using their apartment for themselves rather than using it as an investment, although this is sure to change in the future.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is the lowest in the European Union which is another massive benefit to those who are contemplating making a new life here and at a flat rate of 10%, the income tax for the self employed and employees has to be taken into consideration.

Bulgaria is steadily growing in the amount of foreign investors such as China and the USA who are taking advantage of the low costs of running a business within the country.

The health system in Bulgaria can be described as being very basic but the medical staff are qualified to E.U requirements. The national health contributions are cheap and unlike the U.K, waiting lists for operations and specialist consultations are not common.

Bulgaria is an extremely beautiful country and with a population of below 7 million inhabitants, one of the things that one cannot help notice is the lack of crowds and the sheer amount of open space. It really does have something for everybody from its majestic mountain ranges with ski resorts to its great lakes and not forgetting the stunning Black Sea Coast with its traditional quaint fishing villages of Nessebur and Sozopol to the main tourist resorts of Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

Making the Decision

If moving abroad is what you really want, then Bulgaria is definitely worth some consideration. The healthier laid back culture holds very little stress because Bulgarians live for today and make the most of every single minute of it.
Bulgaria's geographical position makes it an ideal country to settle in, with its border countries of Turkey, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia, travelling around is exiting and offers much for the budding explorer.

Quest Bulgaria can help you with all your needs including finding property to viewing trips and removals and practically everything else that you need to make a new life in Bulgaria.

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