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Moving Abroad - Taking the Plunge

It's a fact that 1 in 3 people at some time in their lives will consider uprooting and moving abroad.

The dream of owning a place in the sun, be it a holiday home or for permanent use seems to be just too far out of reach for some.

Ask these people why they want to give up their jobs, homes, family and friends to move to a country that they don't know much about and more importantly don't speak a word of the local language. What will they say?

1. I dislike the job I am in and have had no success in finding something more suitable which provides an adequate salary.

2. My native homeland is expensive to live in, has high a crime rate, poor weather and is generally a miserable place to be.

3. Raising a family is very difficult in my home country and the future for my children there is uncertain.

State Politics is another subject which many are extremely unhappy with, however this could result in a very long article so will not be covered here.

So moving abroad could be the cure to all the problems above if the homework is done properly.

Make the Move Now! - Before it's Too Late

We've all heard it said "If I was younger I would move abroad", "I would move abroad but I would miss my family and friends", "I'd go but I can't speak the lingo" etc.  These are all very good reasons, but they can all be overcome, for instance;

You are never too old to move abroad, in fact it is often the best decision that anybody of pension age could make. Often you will find that the healthier lifestyle and the fact that a pension will stretch a lot further in many other countries makes it the perfect reason to make the move.

Family and friends will visit you and thanks to the internet technology we now have perfect audio and video links with programs such as Skype, which is just great for bringing people together.

You don't speak the language? Don't worry, purchase a good phrase book or take lessons. Sounds a bit boring doesn't it? Well there is another more enjoyable way, integrate with the locals! Yes, it's the very best and most rewarding way and you make friends at the same time.

Making the Choice - Where?

Well unless you are reading this article on a website other than questbg.com then the answer is obviously Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has for many years offered the lowest priced property and cost of living in Europe. The lifestyle can be how you make it, but generally the Bulgarian way of life is a very healthy one with regards to the diet and climate. The magnificent landscape offers an ideal place for all tastes so whether you like mountains and lakes, superb coastline, forest and wooded areas, quiet laid back village life or the busier city life then you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The cost of living in Bulgaria has been covered several times on this site and this is a major bonus for most of us. Even running a car can be very cheap. A small to medium sized family car for example can be kept on the road for as little as £150 per year. This example is based on a Ford Fiesta/Vauxhall Astra sized car with 1.6 cc engine. Included in this price is yearly insurance, MOT, vignette (road tax) and municipality tax. This does not include fuel. From as little as £200 the same car could be converted to LPG gas which is used by many drivers in Bulgaria as it is roughly half of the cost of unleaded fuel.

The overall cost of running a vehicle varies greatly and depends on age and engine KWs.

The Property Choice

Bulgarian property now offers some of the best value available ever especially with renovated buildings. Depending on the area one could expect to find resale houses completely restored from 4000 Euros and apartments in some areas of the black sea coast for under 30000 Euros.

It has never been a better time to buy your dream home in Bulgaria and to start taking advantage of the great lifestyle which the country offers.

Take a look at our Bargain Properties and let us find your dream home today. Also read about moving to Bulgaria from UK.