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Summer Cost of Living

Visiting a Bulgarian market during the summer offers you the opportunity to select wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables from a superb display of seasonal produce. The busy stalls are all well stocked, and the wonderful aroma of fresh food is hard to resist as you browse and decide what you are going to buy. It almost encourages you to go on a diet and live healthy with the quality of the food on sale in the summer sun.


Many of the markets do sell similar products so it can be hard to choose because they are all well stocked. Remember to arrive early to get the best choice, but be aware that the markets will be bustling with locals who shop there on a daily basis.

Prices fluctuate depending on the time of year and like everywhere, food prices have increased over the past months in Bulgaria.

Quest has made a shopping list of fruits, salads and vegetables including the average costs for summer 2012. The exchange rate at the time of publication is 1.00 GBP = 2.48 BGN.

Shopping healthy -

Tomatoes - 1.19 leva
Cucumbers - 0.99 leva
Cabbage - 0.59 leva
New Potatoes - 0.69 leva
Mushrooms - 4.00 leva
Onions - 1.20
Carrots - 0.99 leva
Aubergines - 2.29 leva
courgettes - 0.69 leva
Green peppers - 1.49 leva
Red peppers - 2.29
Peaches - 1.79 leva
Plums - 1.50
Nectarines - 1.79 leva
Cherries - 4.40 leva
Strawberries - 2.30 leva
Melon - 0.89 leva
Apricots - 2.00
Aubergines - 2.49 leva
Apples - 2.49 leva
Bananas - 2.69 leva
Pineapple each - 2.99 leva
garlic - 4.00 leva
Chilis - 1.50 leva
Dried Haricot beans 2.50 leva
Brown Lentils - 2.29 leva
eggs each - 0.25 leva