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Planning and Packing Your Possessions

It is important that prior moving to Bulgaria you do not leave your packing and organising until the last minute. Moving around your possessions is a tricky business and certainly will not happen overnight. Therefore, it is crucial indeed that if you are having trouble handling it all, you should call in a professional expert to help out.

Before hiring an expert you must remember to check that they are well recommended and highly experienced. You don't want just anyone dealing with your belongings. You must also check their rates beforehand so that you know what price you are expected to pay.

The first thing you need to do is plan. It's the most useful strategy that will enable you to move without hassle. Don't forget to check off the items on your list as your planning packing develops.

1 month before...
• Arrange a date with your mover to move your belongings
• Begin using up items that you won't take with you
• Inform your mover of your immigration status in Bulgaria
• If you have a pet, get in touch with your vet to organise suitable jab dates and pet passports
• Start making arrangements for your belongings to be stored, if need be
• Sort out your vehicle registration documents
• Inform schools, dentists, doctors etc of your moving plans
• Make your post office aware of your change of address

Three weeks before...
• Sort out your travel arrangements
• Close down bank accounts that you no longer need and open them in your new area
• Arrange your pet's transportation
• Get your vehicle serviced
One week before...
• Sort out any unpaid bills
• Provide your mover with directions to your new house
A few days before...
• Disconnect your house appliances and defrost your fridge
• Keep your personal belongings that you wish to take with you on your journey aside from the boxes intended to go on the van
• Keep your passport, visa applications and other important documents close by
The day you move...
• Note down utility meter readings
• Remain available to answer any questions by the movers

When you have arrived...
As soon as you arrive in your new home it would be a good idea to inspect your delivered belongings to ensure there are no damages. If there are any you must file a complaint as soon as possible.

It doesn't matter how meticulous you are at planning, things usually never go as expected so bear that in mind and be prepared.