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Adopting from Bulgaria


Adopting from Bulgariais the least complicated process in Europe and also has the fewest demands for the potential new parent(s).

Bulgaria has the highest number of orphans living in the country's 144 institutions across the country. The Government of Bulgaria states that there are 8600 institutionalised children from the age of 0 to 18 years old; however a report conducted by UNICEF gave the figure to be closer to 10,000. Other sources by experts working in this sector within Bulgaria strongly disagree with these figures and suggest that a figure of around 24,000 would be more realistic.


What is being done and How Can I Adopt?

The orphanages are funded by the government each year but what they receive is a long way from what would allow the children to have a comfortable life, and with the current global financial crisis which many countries including Bulgaria are now suffering under, what can be done to provide stability and care to the orphans of Bulgaria?

Several people from all over the world wanting to have a child of their own are now considering the possibility of adopting from Bulgaria.  The process is after all more flexible than that of other countries around the world and the age of the parents to be is not as restricted, however they would normally have to be under 55 years of age and be a minimum of 15 years older than the child. Both couples and single women are eligible to apply, but single men can only be accepted under special circumstances. Even parents with physical disabilities can be considered to enter for the process which can take up to 3 years to complete.

Generally speaking, if you are considering adopting in Bulgaria then you must put a lot of thought into which child you would like in terms of age, sex, physical and mental well being etc. The process can vary in length according to the child you want to adopt. For instance an older child or one with special needs or health problems will typically have a shorter adoption process of sometimes only 12 months to complete, in comparison to a much younger healthier child which a longer process of up to 3 years can be expected. Another factor which has an impact on the process length is if you choose a waiting child and this can be completed within 12 months.

For further information please see a full list of official government accredited agencies containing advice about Adopting from Bulgaria.