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UK to Bulgaria and How to Decide

So you've made the big decision to move from the UK to Bulgaria.  What should you now be thinking about and just how can you be as near to 100 percent sure that you are doing the right thing?

You are obviously fed up with your present life, job or just the stress of living in an overcrowded and crime stricken country in which you see no other way out of the rut you seem to be in. There's an old saying which we all know that goes; "The grass is always greener on the other side", but is it? After all Bulgaria has its fare share of problems just as the UK has.


Since the end of communism there have been thousands of hopefuls packing up and making the journey from the UK to Bulgaria in a desperate attempt to find the "greener grass", many have found what they were looking for and are still living their dream today, however that has not been the case for many  others.

Will it work for me?

Whenever I am asked this question I would say that my best advice is to ask yourself this; why are you choosing Bulgaria? Is it because of the cheap properties, the cheap cost of living? Have you ever visited Bulgaria and how much do you actually know about the country, the culture and its people?  It's a sad and unfortunate fact that many will have never been to Bulgaria, they know nothing about it but they are really keen on a big house which they could get for the equivalent price to an average sized family car back home.

Still interested? Then come to Bulgaria, not just once but a few times if you can, rent a property for a few months if your schedule permits this and really get a feel for the life and everything that goes with it.

You should be looking at your finances, if you're of pension age and in receipt of pension payments then the regular income will make your life much easier, if it's enough to live on. If however you need to earn money to sustain your new life then start thinking now about what you intend to do. Bulgaria has high unemployment just as the UK does and this is a potentially serious problem if you need to work.  So many newcomers to Bulgaria have a misunderstanding that the country has many skills missing which they could then partake in. Whilst this is partly true in areas of I.T and other sectors, you will soon come to learn that if something is missing in Bulgaria it could simply be due to the fact that they just don't want or need it. An understanding of the Bulgarian language is a must if you are to be successful.

Do your homework and make enquiries first. Depending on what you intend doing, starting your own business is not too difficult and you can get more information on our article Business Savvy and our very own Website Franchise - Low Cost Business Startup


Is Bulgaria for kids and what should I know? Bulgaria is a very child friendly country and if you are bringing children with you from the UK to Bulgaria then they obviously have to be given a huge amount of thought and consideration in terms of schooling, and will they go to a Bulgarian state school or will they be home schooled?

Children as a rule pick up language skills far better and at a greater speed than us adults and enrolling them in to a Bulgarian school will allow them to learn the language fast and also integrate and make friends. Moving to Bulgaria - Great for Kids is an interesting read and will help to give you piece of mind when thinking of taking the kids from UK to Bulgaria.

The Future

Whenever anybody moves away from their home country to set up a new life abroad it is common to be settled for the first 3 to 4 years and after that time the true feelings, home sickness and general uncertainty can set in. Maybe you are completely settled and enjoying life to the full but your partner or children no longer feel the same. This has been the case for a number of couples and families and the possibility of this happening should be ruled out long before you make the decision by talking it over and discussing what you would do in the event of this.

By now you will probably have a better idea of some of the important things to consider. Life for many expats living in Bulgaria has proven to be as good as and for some better than they could ever comprehend and with the right carefull planning, it could also be the same for you.

Good Luck in your decision and your future move from the UK to Bulgaria