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Want to Live Longer?


Improves digestive function
Improves bowel function
Improves mood
Improves liver function
Decreases wrinkles
Improves circulatory function
Improves joint and muscle function
Improves sleep function
Improves resistance to allergies
Improves vitamin absorption
Improves lactose tolerance
Improves gluten tolerance
Improves appetite
Improves skin quality
Improves metabolism
Improves mental clarity (gut-brain connection)
Decreases your digestive ailments
Decreases your stomach ailments
Decreases incidence of heart burn
Decreases incidence of constipation
Decreases incidence of diarrhea
Decreases the presence of yeast infections
Decreases incidence of oral cavity infections
Decreases gas and bloating
Increases nutritional absorption
Increases energy
Increases hydration

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with modern technology that we forget the benefits of simplicity. Today there are so many genetically modified refined and processed foods polluting our bodies. They were designed to make our lives easier, but that does NOT mean healthier! Our ancestors were onto something by fermenting their foods to keep them edible for longer periods of time. Our bodies cannot handle the chemicals it takes to keep foods stable/fresh on our shelves for years. I'd much rather have the "good" bacteria from my fermented foods in my gut, rather than subject my body to the harmful toxins in processed foods. It's a "no brainer!" So if you haven't tried Real Food Real Life's raw, organic fermented probiotics yet, please do-you're going to notice a healthier, happier you, not to mention looking physically better! Educate yourself on what cultured/fermented foods are available (such as miso, kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir, to name a few) and how you can add them into your daily diet. A fun family adventure would be to do a quick Internet search on what fermented foods YOUR ancestors ate! Mine made and ate fermented meats and cheese like salmon and parmesan.

Eat Fermented Foods!

Eat Well, Be Well, "Live Longer"

Article source: Tamara Yapp

The company's CEO and Founder Tamara Yapp, a mother of seven and wife, is the lively, relatable host of She created this company and this show to provide information on the newest and most effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.