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Private Dental Treatment in Bulgaria

Private dental treatment in the UK borders on extortionate, and the NHS is reluctant to take on new dental patients due to the massive demand ... therefore, Bulgaria has become a goldmine for dentists. Seeking a reliable dentist in Bulgaria is just as important as finding a GP you trust.

Fortunately, finding private dental treatment and orthodontists here is much easier to do than in the UK, where dental professionals are few and far between, and people needing treatment for their teeth and gums are known to queue up for hours to be seen. Bulgaria has become a goldmine for dentists, and in fact, there are many good dentists in Bulgaria.

In order to become a dentist in Bulgaria, you need to study for around six and a half years in somewhere close to fifteen speciality areas, and an additional six months training in basic laboratories for areas such as surgery, orthopaedics, therapeutics, paediatric dentistry and orthodontia. After all the studying and exams, there follows another general examination involving the actual practise of dentistry in a work placement, and once that is passed the student becomes a qualified dentist.

In your nearest town or city, you will see signs advertising a ‘stomotologist' - or dentist - so there is plenty of choice of practices. Pop into a few to get a feel for each place before you choose. Perhaps you want an English-speaking dentist, or perhaps you need a specialist orthodontist or a practice that also has a dental hygienist. Dentists usually just work on a patient to patient basis rather than having a set register of clients, so there won't be any paperwork or registration to go through either. Simply walk into the clinic to see if there are appointments available, or note a number and call when needed.

Most dental complaints will be treated there and then rather than having to rebook an appointment for treatments, unless of course you need complicated treatment such as bridge replacement or jaw-based surgery. In Bulgaria, dentists can also issue prescriptions like doctors, so if you need a course of antibiotics for a gum infection, for example, you'll be given the form by the dentist to take to a pharmacy.

Consultation fees or general check-up costs are usually very low - starting at 10 leva, and actual treatments are also very cheap.

If you have children, and have enrolled them with a GP using a lichten nommer, you will receive a booklet from them where all dental and medical treatment will be logged. Basic treatment for children is either free or subsidised, and typical treatments, such as braces, which come in a variety of changeable colours, only cost about 2,000 leva for a top and bottom set.

Bulgarian dentistry has all the mod-cons needed for proper treatment, including all the latest innovations in sedation, injections, disease treatments and other equipment. Clinics are usually very clean and comfortable, with lounge-cum-reception areas while you are waiting, and modern, state-of-the-art reclining chairs for client comfort. A lot of the larger clinics even have websites detailing the qualifications and specialities of the dentists and their staff as well as what their particular clinics offer, case studies and all contact details. All these helpful attributes mean those who are frightened witless of dentists can be made to feel more comfortable and relaxed during their treatments.

Like other tourist services, there will always be the odd dental surgery out to get a bit more money than they would normally charge, so when you're in the popular resorts, like Bansko, Albena, Golden Sands and of course, Sunny Beach, beware of overpriced private denatal treatments and surgery. A smaller clinic offering private dental treatment in a lesser-known region will do just as good a job and indeed better for much more reasonable prices.

Even if you don't have a home in Bulgaria, prices and efficiency like this will surely have you making an impromptu trip to a Bulgarian dentist for your private dental treatments instead of colossal prices and rushed service in the UK. For a full list of dentists in your area of Bulgaria, search at