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Study in Bulgaria | Distance Learning

As a former distance learning student who decided to study in Bulgaria, I can safely say from experience that there are numerous benefits of studying abroad. However, even though there are advantages, do not let this mislead you into thinking that it makes learning fun and easy, because in all honesty, it certainly is not.

I'm often interrogated about my studying approach and it makes my blood boil when people assume that distance learning is easier than going to school. It is not. On the contrary, it is probably more difficult as, unlike at school, I am the one who must create my own revision timetables and stick to them! It takes a great deal of willpower.

Nevertheless, don't let this discourage you because there are, as I mentioned before, many benefits of studying abroad. One of the prime advantages is lack of disruption and increased concentration. At school, there were so many interruptions in the class that I found it difficult to focus and ended up learning very little. But since learning abroad from home, I'm given the chance to put my full concentration into learning and I've definitely gained a lot from that. I do regularly correspond with my online tutor who comes in useful when I'm struggling with anything.

Another good reason to study in Bulgaria is personal growth that comes from the challenges and determination of learning abroad. Not only have my personal skills strengthened, but so have my social skills which I have gained from living in a foreign country and using my language skills regularly. It's more or less impossible to get by in a foreign country without understanding at least a bit of the language. And even though it's helpful hiring a tutor, I've found that I have learned the most just from integrating with the local residents. Learning a new language is, unquestionably, a very rewarding experience which provides you with excellent social skills and it looks impressive on your CV too!

And finally, last but certainly not least, the thing I consider to be a benefit is having the opportunity to study what I wish to study. It's not unusual at school to find yourself studying the same subjects as your friends, so not to end up in a class with people you don't know or like, for that matter. The difference with homeschooling is that you can choose the subjects you want to learn - definitely an advantage in my opinion. There's no time wasted in studying subjects in which are of no interest or importance to you. You can simply choose subjects you feel are necessary to study and leave the unimportant behind.

Overall, if you or your children want to distance study in Bulgaria, there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go too. I've been using this method of study for two years and I'm still really impressed with it. Living and studying abroad has honed my personal, academic and social skills, provided me with an education free of interruptions, and allowed me to study subjects in which I am interested.

There are too many benefits to study in Bulgaria by distance learning to disregard the idea.

Article written for Quest Bulgaria exclusively by Emma Harper.