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Checklist for Moving Abroad

A checklist for moving abroad could help you in your decision for relocating, and in addition prevent you from being a victim of the pitfalls.

There are a multitude of factors why people consider moving abroad and it is now simpler and easier than previously and developing to become more widely used with not only retirees, but also younger families. Compared to before, a hotter environment is a tempting reason to move abroad, but there's also the quality of life to think about, the learning challenge of experiencing a new culture with all the simple impulsiveness and feeling of change of which relocation offers.

Deciding on the best location where you will be most happy can be a very stressful event to say the least; however, it is quite possible to make the choice easier by asking yourself these important questions.

1.      For what reason(s) are you considering locating to another country? Are you looking for a more favourable climate? Maybe you would like to test the water by living a coastal life. You may be thinking that the city life would suit you better, or you are soon retiring and would prefer to make a new life somewhere else. Some people have more family living overseas and may want to join them. Others have a business idea which they would like to take abroad. Do some hard thinking and once you've made your decision then it's time to start focusing on the procedure.

2.      What duration are you contemplating? For example, are you planning on a permanent or semi permanent move, Just wanting to try something new and stay until the novelty wears off so you can return back home, or the Kids want to move back as they are getting older and don't enjoy living abroad anymore. Think this one over whilst making your plans.

3.      If you need to earn money in your chosen country then you will have to consider how you can achieve this. It could be that establishing a new enterprise for you and your family sounds appealing or alternatively entering into a business franchise may seem to be a less risky opportunity. If you are fortunate enough to be able to fully support yourself from a pension owed to you by your home country then that's a huge advantage. Investigating all your options is of the highest priority and even though a new life abroad seems to be a perfect dream, it still costs money to live there just as it does in your native home.

4.      So you know how you will support yourself financially. Now it's time to look deeper into what your monthly outgoings will amount to, the move itself with regards to the cost of the company who will relocate your worldly belongings for you. Will you need to purchase a new car or do you intend to take your current vehicle with you? Make enquiries into the cost of new or used motors in your new country. If you are taking your car with you then it will need to be re-registered in the country that you reside in. Ask about this procedure and whether your car will be accepted. Your property has to be considered; will you be renting or buying and will you need a mortgage? Food, council taxes and utility bills are also to be paid.

5.      Depending on what type of person you are, you might want to have friends nearby, whether it is from the locals or other expats. There's a good chance that you don't speak a word of the local lingo so communicating with your new neighbours will initially be difficult if not impossible. If you want only to socialise with English speaking expats then do your homework beforehand to ensure that there are adequate numbers of them in your vicinity. If you want local as friends also then mix as much as possible in addition to taking some language lessons. There are those who want a quiet life with the desire to not socialise, if that's you then choosing the correct area and property is of vital importance.

6.      If you have children of school age then you will obviously want to enrol them in to a school or college. Explore the establishments within your area and find out if there are other English speaking children who attend. If your children are very sociable and have the ability to mix well with others then this will greatly reduce the task of settling in and making friends. If they are not so confident or shy then the introduction into the schooling system could be much more difficult and your child may need additional coaching. Think about how they will react and how this will affect them.

7.      At various times throughout our lives we all need the help of doctors and in some cases hospitals. Whilst researching your new venture you need to get as much information on the state and quality of the country's health system. You may neglect this important subject for yourself but if you have children then you have the responsibility to ensure that in cases of ill health or medical emergencies they will receive the best possible care.

8.      It's quite likely that at some time you will want to visit your previous homeland for whatever reason. It is a good idea to check that the country has adequate transport links between the two countries. You will also need to add this into your budget.

9.      Having hobbies is important to us all and whatever your hobby involves should be taken into account by making sure that the necessary facilities in your new location will allow you to continue with your beloved passion.


So there you have a brief checklist for moving abroad. Almost all of the information that you will need can be obtained from the wealth of websites within the World Wide Web. Online Forums can also be very helpful and will allow you the opportunity to communicate with others who have already made the move and therefore posses a great deal of experience to share with you.

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