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Weddings in Bulgaria

Weddings in Bulgaria for foreigners


Here we list the general legal requirements and documents compulsory for civil weddings in Bulgaria needed by both parties for foreigners choosing to wed here.

At least 30 days prior to the wedding date a request is placed at the local town hall where either the future bride or groom lives permanently.  Both have to be present with identity cards when requesting the application.  

Evidence of identity

Certificates to confirm that each individual is free to marry
Health certificates valid for a thirty day period from the issue are given following a standard pre-marital health check-up including a bloodstream test and can be done at any medical facility in Bulgaria

The following additional documents might be required:

If under 18 years of age, a permit from the entire regional courtroom
If either party has previously been married the final divorce decree or a death certification of the previous partner if widowed

The Ceremony

What to expect from all the marriage ceremony in Bulgaria...
On the day of the wedding, the couple should present themselves at the civil wedding hall with their two witnesses 10 mins prior to the appointed time. As a whole nowadays, weddings take place any day of the week.

The documentation needed at the ceremony

Proof of identity of the future spouses and their witnesses
Receipts for the payment of the ceremony, photography, video and music
Wedding rings which in Bulgaria are worn on the right hand
2 custom glasses and a bottle of champagne are part of the celebration

During the ceremony the official performing the service will ask both parties if they agree to marry, and check there are no problems. When “Yes” is confirmed, rings exchanged and a kiss, the documents are signed by the official, the couple and the witnesses. Newleyweds also state whether they keep their family name or take the new family name of their partner.

The couple get an official copy of the marriage certificate, and the first copy is kept at the town hall registires. The whole event takes about 15 minutes, then the guests pass on good wishes to the newly weds and leave to celebrate with friends and family. For more details about weddings in Bulgaria see Traditional Courtships and Wedding Tourism.