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Interview with founder of 'Animal Friends Foundation Burgas', Miglena Ivanova


9. Tell us about your events and campaigns over the years. Are you currently running any campaigns?

We've had all kinds of campaigns. Our main campaigns at the moment are our spaying/neutering campaign which we organized 2 years ago and the campaign for finding homes – adopting campaigns. The rest of them have the purpose of linking people – recruiting volunteers, informational events for raising food and some others where we offer food. We called them the "FACES" club – every person who loves animals can meet new people and share the experience. We try to make new campaigns every season; we try to be useful and varied.

10. How can people adopt or foster an animal from your shelter?

All they need is willingness and desire, good intentions and to convince us that the animal will be treated well. We have a few requirements concerning adoptions but they are not at all new or hard to cover. All we insist on is for the people to be well aware of the responsibility of having an animal and for us to choose the right dog or cat for them. For that purpose we have a standard questionnaire form for adoption – candidates and adoption contracts that must be signed by the future owner.

Foster parents are really important to us! They are the crucial link in our activity and they are people who literally save the life of the animal under their guardianship. If they wish, they can contact us to discuss what exactly they can offer and which animal would be the most appropriate choice for them.

11. Tell us about your Virtual adoption project?

Virtual adoption is a project that is aimed more at people living abroad. It gives you the opportunity to "take" an animal without taking them physically home. Many people want to have a pet, but for many reasons it's not possible. We offer them a way which is ideal for both sides because the animal they choose to support financially would be given the chance of treatment and care till their adoption. We let the virtual adopter choose what their finances will be used for on the animal. Virtual adoption can be made by a few people together; for example, by friends, classmates etc.

12. How can we all make a difference?

All the effort must be directed to the root of the problem and that is the attitude of humans towards animals, and the responsibilities and obligations coming from it. If we change the way we think and we approach the homeless animals' problem adequately, things would change for the better. There are working programs in other countries that have already proved that practice; we don't need to think of a new solution. Basically, it can be put this way – awareness and adequate actions would solve the problem we are dealing with because that is exactly what the base of our cause is.

13. What do you hope to achieve by the future?

We would like to see a future where kids take care of animals and there are no longer strays. We want to see less resistance in people when discussing animal subjects. We want people to be good, responsible owners. But most of all, we hope that the laws connected to that sphere will be abided and the animals will have their rights.

If you would like to support this excellent organisation, please visit the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas.