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Bulgarian Tribulus - The Herbal Miracle

Bulgarian Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a flowering herb found in Southern European countries where it is also known as Puncture Vine. For hundreds of years it has been an integral ingredient used in traditional Chinese Medicine where it is believed that its properties are a cure for low libido in both men and women.

The herb stimulates the body and deals with conditions such as insomnia, general anxiety, irritability, drowsiness, lack of strength and apathy which along with fatigue are typical conditions which affect many people during the summer months. The heat is a factor in increasing the content of ozone, which can cause difficulty in breathing.  
Due to its antibacterial and antifungal capabilities Bulgarian Tribulus is often used successfully   in the treatment of urinary problems.  


Family Planning Benefits

 The benefits of Bulgarian Tribulus do not stop there. In agreement with Chinese herbalists and pharmacist this little “healing herb” improves libido in both men and women.  The benefits are evident in that the reproduction system in both sexes is improved considerably, sperm quality is better and women are less likely to develop ovarian cysts.  Women have also reported that they experience much less pain during menstruation.
The plant is also said to be help with erectile dysfunction(ED) where it is used as a natural aphrodisiac and as a safer option to commercially available medication.

For Body Builders

Bulgarian Tribulus tones and increases muscle mass and it is widely available now as a supplement in fitness centres and health stores. It’s reputation as being considered an effective natural steroid is due to the steroid saponins contained in the shank, which is most often used for therapeutic purposes.

Bulgarian Tribulus Tea

The herb is available as a tea and this has the ability to maintain blood sugar levels, the herb helps to maintain normal weight and performance of each mode aimed at reducing the extra weight. The effect of weight loss is due to the properties of herbs to influence the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
Tea prevents the sharp drop in blood glucose after a meal and drinking it several times a day prevents the consumer from falling into a state of "ravenous hunger".

Taking Bulgarian Tribulus

The herb can be purchased as capsules, tablets and as an extract. It is best taken 3 times per day with food at a dose of 85-250mg each time.
There are no reported side effects of taking Bulgarian Tribulus but if you experience anything that you are concerned about it is best to stop taking them and depending on the severity of the effect, take the advice of a doctor.