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Steps to Moving to Another Country

Moving abroad has been compared and equaled to bereavement by some. By following the right Steps to moving to another country, one can often avoid the bulk of stress and make the move an enjoyable one.

The very first thing to do before making "The Decision" is to look closely at your life and at the lives of those going with you if this is not a solo venture.

Ask yourself the question: "Why do I want to set up a new life abroad?"
Now every question should be followed by the best, honest answer possible. You therefore owe it to yourself to be open about your intended plans before leaping in at the deep end. Many of us who emigrate did so because they were unhappy with the job they were in or not able to make ends meet. They might also dislike the area of the country in which they live, and would love to try somewhere else which would hopefully provide them with a happier existence.

If the above person is you then stop now and think! The place, the job and the life you are looking for could be just a short journey from where you are right now. Yes, I'm talking about making an internal move within your home country. Believe it or not, very few people give this option a second thought whilst believing that the only way to resolve their unhappiness is to move as far away as possible. There are numerous advantages to staying put. You will be able to stay on the property ladder and earn a living through your new job, which should set you up financially for your eventual retirement. This needs to be addressed by you if you want to make steps to moving to another country. If you need to work and earn money, will you have the same opportunity in your chosen foreign country? Will you be able to earn enough to save for a suitable pension? Are you prepared to learn in-depth, the chosen countries language if it's different to yours?

Taking the Kids

Children can be very adaptable but even for our little ones; a move abroad can still be a stressful ordeal, especially if they need to be educated in the state education system. If your intended country speaks a non-English language, they will need to learn the local tongue, for both schooling and to make friends in general.
Look at the future for your children. Consider the possibility that someday in the future they might decide that enough is enough and move back to their country of birth. How will this affect your happiness abroad?

Leaving the Family and Friends

It's inevitable that you will have both family and friends who will miss you and you them. Talk to them and make plans for them to visit you and vise versa. The internet is a real miracle worker for expats. Skype and Voipstunt among many more allow us to speak cheaply or free to our loved ones back home and thanks to the webcam we can see each other, no matter what the distance between us.

Now if you're still keen on making the necessary steps to moving to another country, and you've ruled out all other options, you will now have a much better chance of making this work. Don't burn all your bridges back home though. If at all possible, try to keep an option open to return just in case you decide later down the line that living abroad is not for you. The experience alone will be a memorable one.

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