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Bulgaria | Interesting Facts

How much do you know about Bulgaria? Interesting facts will explain some of the countrys little known artifacts...

Is roughly half the size of the United Kingdom and covers 111,000m2 of land.


Has a population of around 7 million which amounts to approx 63 people per km2,the U.K has @ 250 per km2.

Is known for its natural hot springs which number 1600.

Was ruled by the Turks between 1396-1908, that's 512 years!

Is great for exploring its vast amount of caves tucked away in the mountains. There are at least 4000 known caves in existence and probably lots more to be found.

Has beautiful coastline, the Black Sea coast, and it is a staggering 380 kilometres long.

Shares its land borders with 5 other countries, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece.

Was right there at the birth of the computer when one of its citizens, John Vincent Ansoff actually invented the first digital electronic computer, thought to have been between 1937-1942. He named his new invention the Anatasoff Berry Computer, or ABC for short.

Has a maximum height of 9000 feet, this high point is measured at Mount Musala.

Is one of the oldest countries in Europe and is also the only one which has never changed its name since it was founded.

created the Slavic alphabet - it gave the world the first Slavic letters.

Three quarters of the population lived in villages up until the middle of the last century.

Approximately 12,360 species of flora and fauna have been found within Bulgaria's landscape.

 Is rich in antiques and 6000-year old gold treasures.

January is the coldest month in Bulgaria, whereas August is the hottest moth with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius.

Bulgarians shake their heads for 'yes' and nod their heads for 'no'.

In comparison to other European countries, Bulgaria has a middle crime rate.

10,5 Degrees Celsius is the average annual temperature of Bulgaria