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Traditional Bulgarian Gifts

Depending on the season or occasion traditional Bulgarian gifts are a common sight in many shops and markets throughout Bulgaria. The passing of gifts has been a part of

Bulgaria’s heritage for hundreds of years, and just as in other countries around the world, it shows appreciation of friendship and love between friends and family members.

Gifts for National Holidays

Bulgarian people love to celebrate their national holidays, and there are many of them too. There are 12 main national holidays to be exact and all are celebrated in the traditional Bulgarian fashion, with an abundance of food, wine and rakia to make the day start with a blast. During these holidays it is normal to present a gift to your friends and loved ones.

Flowers are the most common gift for women and these are a satisfactory gift for most holidays and flowers are a good gesture to present to the lady of the house if you are invited to socialize with them.


The Martenitsa is a red and white band worn around the wrist from the first day of March until the end of the month or until the wearer spots a stork or a fruit tree in bud where the budding tree is seen, the Martenitsa can then be removed from the wrist and hung to a branch of the tree. The holiday that the Martenitsa is associated with is Baba Marta (Grandmother of March). It is said that wearing the Martenitsa will bring health, long life and happiness.


Bulgaria celebrates Orthodox Easter which takes place this year (2014) on April 20. This important time of year for the Orthodox Church sees people of all ages giving the most traditional Bulgarian gifts and these come in the form of painted chicken eggs. During the days following up to Easter, families and friends gather in their homes to decorate eggs which have been hard boiled and cooled prior to painting. This is a fun tile for children and adults alike. Easter egg fights then take place on Easter day. This involves 2 people each holding a decorated egg. They then strike the eggs together to see which one is the strongest.

Birthdays, Christmas and Other Events

Along with flowers for women, there are several other traditional Bulgarian gifts and these include pottery which is decorated in the traditional patterns of Bulgaria. Another great gift usually given to women is Bulgarian Rose Products. Bulgaria has a worldwide fame for being one of the best producers of rose water and oil products. Bulgarian people are very proud of their roses and each year there are huge celebrations in the rose growing regions Bulgaria. Wander around through the streets of any city in Bulgaria and sooner or later you will see a rose products shop selling everything from rose water to soap and anti-ageing creams. Whatever, they all make great gifts and they tend to be a real favourite choice of gifts which are traditional to Bulgaria