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Moving to Bulgaria From UK

This year has seen Bulgarian citizens moving out of the UK in search of a better life, but what about those Brits who are moving to Bulgaria from UK? The controversial talk over the last 12 months has generated mixed feelings, that’s for sure, however, for the last 10 years

British citizens have been buying up Bulgarian land and property in their thousands, and although the trend has calmed to the point of almost being nonexistent, removal companies are still keeping on the move with British people both moving in and out of Bulgaria.

Why are they moving to Bulgaria from the UK and with the European property market being so affordable these days in some of the old favourites such as Spain, Portugal and France, why are they not heading their? The simple answer is “Value for Money”. Bulgaria has something to offer within its massive range of properties for sale, for everyone’s budget. That’s right and some have even purchased property by utilizing their credit limit on their credit cards, and these days Bulgaria offers some great bargains in its rural villages for as little as £2000. In some of these cases the property needs some modernizing only without the expense and time for renovating.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that your home is 100% yours with no mortgage or other loan debts to pay for years to come, and this is what is still attracting British people to Bulgaria. The cost of living in Bulgaria has been reported on several times on Quest Bulgaria so there’s no point in going into great detail here, you can however read one of our articles about the Bulgarian cost of living.

Young couples are now taking an interest in Bulgaria according to estate agents who report an increase in viewing trips booked by people of below 40 years old. Who can blame them? The cheap cost of living, the favourable summer climate, the sheer beauty of Bulgaria, low crime rate, the friendly people and the general laid back unstressed lifestyle is something that you don’t experience too often in the UK anymore. For

Bulgaria’s not perfect though as any expat would agree, but where is, and is their actually a perfect country that we can really say has everything that we need? Some expats complain that the language is hard to learn and yes it is, but if you intend to spend your life here then you have your life to learn it slowly without stressing over it. Others complain that it’s a long way from home and flight links are poor. This is partially true in that Bulgaria is further than Spain and France but it is still only a 3 to 3.5 hour flight from English airports. The problem is that it could prove difficult if you need to get back to the UK in an emergency because depending on your nearest Bulgarian airport and the time of year, there could possibly be only 1-2 flights per week.

If you are serious about moving to Bulgaria from UK then you will probably need to employ a reliable removal company. There is one such company that specialise in removals between the UK and Bulgaria. UK 2BG come with a highly respected reputation from British people who have used their services for both moving to Bulgaria and moving back to the UK.