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Bulgarian Boys Names : Best and Most Popular

Often, when we are looking through the popular names for baby boys, we see the same names over and over again.

How long have names like Michael, Alexander, Christopher, and Jacob been popular? Decades! Now this is often true around the world. Male names often have double or triple the shelf life compared to a popular baby girl name.


Bulgarian names have a lot of variations on the popular names people in the United States have grown accustomed to. If you love a popular name, but don't want to go with the trends,, finding a variation can be the best way to go. There are also some extremely unique and exciting Bulgarian names. Two wonderful sites, Nameberry and Behind the Name will help us on our journey through Bulgarian baby names for boys.

(1) Kaiser: The Bulgarian variation of Caesar means "long haired." While Caesar is a popular name in many cultures, neither Caesar or Kaiser are popular in the U.S. That means there won't be dozens of moms yelling your child's name at the playground.

(2) Matei: Matthew is tired! Why not give Matei a try? It's short and to the point, but still interesting and modern sounding. You still have the solid nickname Mat in case you are afraid of giving away all your stability.

(3) Zhivko: Usually, when we think of "z" names for boys we think of Zachary and that's about it. Zhivko is a solid and unusual option. Zhiv means life and this name is definitely lively and different.

(4) Kiril: Meaning "lordly," Kiril is a Bulgarian variation on Cyril. Ten years ago this name might have felt out of the question, but with all of the Eleanors and Stellas that are coming back, it is clear that what once was old is now fresh and new! Give Kiril a chance!

(5) Sasho: You might have wondered why so many Eastern European men seem to have a name like Sasha or Sasho. This is because it is the nickname for Alexander, which has always been wildly popular over there. Alexander has been pretty popular over here too, but Sasho is something different and special on our ears.

(6) Andon: Is a variation on Anton, which is also used in Bulgaria. Both Andon and Anton fit right into the trends of names in the U.S., but they aren't hugely popular like Jayden,, Aiden, or Landon. These are great alternatives that still fit the bill.

(7) Nikolai: The Russian and Bulgarian form of Nicholas is such an exciting name, yet it is relatively unheard of in the U.S. I think it is time for it to make across over!

(8) Andrei: Who needs Andrew when you've got Andrei? I love this name! It is playful, yet great on a grown man. It has spunk and two great nicknames in Andy and Drei!

(9) Mikhail: This name is so much more exciting than Michael could ever be. If you want to name your son after a Michael in your family, consider this awesome alternative. It has such a great sound t it and is still so unique over here.

(10) Blazhe: Over here this name sounds like is on fire! However, in Bulgaria it means "sweet, pleasant, and blessed." It's cool and super confident and might be a perfect choice for those parents who like to live on the edge.

(11) Grigor: Gregory is so out over in the U.S., but maybe that is because we've never gotten our hands on Grigor. Just chop of that "y" and you have a strong, modern sounding name that could really take off.

(12) Deyan: I once knew someone with the last name Day who also went by it for a first name. I always wondered, how could I get that nickname without actually naming my child Day. Well, Deyan is definitely a great way to make that happen! It also fits with the sound trends of the day! No pun intended.