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5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bills This Year

No matter if you tried to delay turning on the heat until it was absolutely necessary, more likely than not you have succumb to the very cold temperatures.

Living in the Pacific Northwest I am familiar with cold winters and even though we do not yet have regular snow on the ground the nights, and days frankly, are freezing. I have no choice but to turn the dial on the thermostat. However, this is not to say that I will not be doing a couple of tricks to reduce my bill. Here are some useful tips on how to save on your heating bill this winter.


1. Get Comfort Billing

Comfort Billing is something that my electric company offers. Essentially instead of paying an amount based on how much electricity I used a specific month, I am billed each month for an average amount for the whole year. This can offer some immediate help in case you need it, but it should be noted that your bill in the summer will be significantly more.

2. Monitor Your Use of Heat Carefully

Something that I am becoming more aware of is how often the heat is on. While it is nice to wake up to a warm home, it is illogical not to turn my heat down, or off in some cases, before I go to bed. Essentially if I will not be in a room for an extended amount of time there is no real reason to keep it nice and toasty. By being conscientiousness of when the heat is on and how long it is on you can save yourself money by remembering to turn it off or at least down.

3. Do Not Get Indulgent

This is something that I have struggled with. As someone who grew up with the comfort of wood heat I tend to expect to be quite warm in the winter. Wood heat is undoubtedly the most satisfying warmth on freezing nights, and thankfully the cheapest form of heat. So I am not usually satisfied with what my baseboard heater can offer unless I want to pay a bunch of money. I have to remind myself to keep the temperature of the home down and try to acclimate to a cheaper setting.

4. Look for Free Ways to Stay Warm

It might sound silly at first but there are two things you can do for free that will allow you to reduce how high your heat is on. These of course are dressing warm and utilizing blankets. By dressing in warm sweatshirts or even using long johns under your pants you can retain a lot of heat. Also, having several throw blankets conveniently located around common sitting areas can keep you warm and keep you from getting up to turn up the heat.

5. Cook to Keep Warm

Finally you should cook warm meals. By eating a warm meal you will warm up your body. Also, by making something in the oven you will warm up your home. Careful not to put your exhaust fan on in the kitchen. This will suck out valuable heat and on that note if you have such a fan going on in the bathroom make sure the door is closed. For days that are expected to have cold temperatures consider making things that cook at high temperatures, take a long time to bake or require the use of the stove top for many hours. Remember to pick meals that you would normally make, otherwise you will be spending more money on your food budget.

I tend to try and utilize all of these things during the winter. My heating bill is more than some but it is also a lot less than a lot of others. However, I cannot go overboard with how cool I let the house remain. I do have a small child after all. Consider using these tips to reduce the cost of your heating bill and please try and stay warm and healthy this winter.