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Bulgarian Female Names - Top 12 for Baby Girls

The search for perfect Bulgarian female names for your baby girl does not come easy. You have to love it, your partner has to love it and you have to be ready to say it a thousand times a day for years to come.

There are so many names out there that we rarely hear in the United Kingdom that are so wonderful. In our previous article about Bulgarian boys names we looked at the most popular names of the last few years for baby boys. This article takes a look at Bulgarian baby names for your little girl. Nameberry and Behind the Name will help us through our journey of Bulgarian names.

 (1) Galina: The feminine form of Galenos is a beautiful choice. It has the poise and frills of an Isabella, without being as crazy popular. Lina is a gorgeous nickname.

(2) Anka: A nickname for Anna, this name is popular in a variety of countries in Eastern Europe. We haven't really heard the name over here, but it's cute on a little girl and has potential to be an interesting name for an adult female as well.

(3) Bisera: Meaning "pearl," Bisera has an interesting sound to it. I also love the nickname potential in Bisy or Sera. If you have been looking for an Issy, but are upset by it's extreme popularity. Bissy is just as cute!

(4) Liliya: Lily is also a popular name right now and if you want to freshen it up Liliya is a great choice. It has a modern feel and can keep the nickname Lili, but still be set apart.

(5) Kalina: Meaning "rowan tree," Kalina is such a beautiful option. I prefer Kalina to Galina as it comes with the cute nickname Kali as well as Lina. It is definitely a choice to consider!

(6) Andrey: While it is traditionally a male name in Eastern Europe, Andrey has a lot of potential as a female name. It is a form of Andrew and sounds like a combination of Angie and Audrey.

(7) Milena: I love all of the names ending in Lina and Lena, and this is definitely one of the loveliest choices. With Miley on the rise, Milena is a name that has a similar sound, but won't be associated with a certain pop star.

(8) Zhaklina: A form of Jaqcueline, Zhaklina is great for parents who want something different and exciting. If you need something a little simpler, just drop the "h."

(9) Elisaveta: Forget Elizabeth, who needs it when you have this lovely Bulgarian and Macedonian option. It has such a wonderful sound to it.

(10) Petra: Popular around the world, the feminine form of Peter is an ancient name that has come all the way back around to sounding modern and fresh.

(11) Nevena: Flower names are in and "marigold" is the meaning of Nevena. Many people are spelling heaven backwards and using Nevaeh as a names. This is similar to that, but has the plus size of being an actual name.

(12) Mira: This name means "peace" and you really can't beat that kind of definition and the sweet simplicity of the sound. It's definitely a name to consider.