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Retire in Bulgaria for a Healthier Future

What will life be like if we decide to retire in Bulgaria and how will it compare to how it would be if we had stayed in our native country?

Well retirement may be close to some of you or a long way away for others. In either case though, one of the things you should start thinking about is this - when you retire, where will you live? Will you stay in your home country or will you move out of the country to take advantage of a lower cost of living that Bulgaria so famously offers?


The majority of people stay where they are, often in the home they lived in before retirement. A small percentage have a primary residence as their home base and a second home somewhere else (often overseas) where they spend a substantial part of their year. A third group move out of their country completely to a country where healthcare is often cheaper or free, public transportation is readily available and the cost of living much lower.

For those who remain in their original country and retire at 65, the main thing they often have to worry about is this. Will Social Security and their savings be enough money to live on for what could be another 30-plus years of life? For the percentage that does move, they have usually decided it won't be, so they move to a country where it will.

In many of these countries, the cost of living is low, housing is cheap, and many offer free or inexpensive national healthcare and public transportation is easily accessible. To a retiree who can no longer drive and needs medication to be able to function normally, the opportunity to live abroad is a god send. In many countries, retirees are taken care of much more than they would be in the US or UK and their lifestyles are better.

In Bulgaria, a retiree can live in an apartment on or off a complex. Usually in holidays complexes there will be many amenities such as a shop, restaurant, gym and pool. The average cost of one of the incredibly nice Western style apartments in Bulgaria is around 60,000 Euros for a 2 bedroom apartment. Outside of the holiday resorts it's substantially less. Food is cheap; approximately 3 to 10 Euros a meal, public transportation is everywhere and costs are low. For seniors who cannot afford a decent lifestyle at home, yet don't want to give that up, moving to retire in Bulgaria is a good decision.

Retirees living outside the UK and US also notice their lives becoming suddenly more interesting. They learn about a new culture, travel to interesting places and make new friends. Most places have expat clubs (clubs for foreigners living overseas) where you can go on organized trips, participate in fairs and fetes, have dinner with other expats - all things that would often be too expensive for a retiree to do back home.

After making the move, most will admit that they no longer have worries about money, if they will be able to afford healthcare, or what will happen to them if they have a long debilitating illness. This in itself has freed them up to enjoy their lives more and many think they will live longer because of it.

So if you're coming up to retirement age or even just thinking about what you will do when you retire, consider the possibility of living and retiring in Bulgaria. There are many safe, inexpensive places to choose from and all of them make retirees feel very welcome. You may worry about being away from friends and family but think about this. With the possibility of living another 30 years or more, just imagine the new friends you can make, the new experiences