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Reasons to Consider Expatriating to Sofia, Bulgaria

Hit with the double whammy of a fluctuating currency and rising unemployment, many Americans have begun to consider expatriating abroad. So which countries and capital cities currently offer the most to American expatriates willing to move? I'd like to focus on one particular destination that isn't regularly considered: Sofia, Bulgaria.

Americans who are considering expatriating abroad would be wise to visit Bulgaria's capital at the very least. Just a few of the wonderful aspects of Sofia include low prices for everything from rent and food to consumer goods, Bulgaria's magnificent architecture and cultural heritage, and the friendliness of the Bulgarians themselves.

Bulgaria itself is not usually considered at all when one plans for a vacation or a place to move, temporarily or permanently. Its status as a premiere destination for wandering Americans is nowhere near more popular destinations like Mexico, France or Canada. But just because Sofia, Bulgaria isn't as popular with the expatriates doesn't mean you should dismiss it.

Bulgaria joined the European Union on January 1, 2007, and its economy continues to improve as time goes on. If Sofia is too cosmopolitan for you, try one of the smaller cities, such as Burgas. They offer all of the features of a big city like Sofia, but with a larger ratio of historic sites and natural features, which many expatriates consider to be important.

Many expatriates are shocked to learn that Bulgaria, despite being much poorer than western counterparts such as Britain and the United States, has a smaller ratio of criminal activity. Sofia, Bulgaria is a calm, low crime capital city and expatriates will immediately notice just how calm most of the country is.

When you need to get out of the city, expatriates can expect to find large numbers of beautiful beaches and warm, unpolluted water to go swimming in. Bulgaria contains a large number of natural state parks, ancient sites, music festivals and fun national holidays.

Sofia, and Bulgaria as a whole, have not been immune from the recent economic downturn. Despite this, many analysts still believe many of the country's prices and asset values to still be undervalued. Many investors and foreigners are taking this opportunity to acquire what they want now, before prices normalize at a higher level.

Bulgaria is an amazing country, and Sofia an amazing capital city. Expatriates and potential expats would be wise to keep it near the top of their lists of most desirable foreign nations to settle within.

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