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Bulgaria Medical University: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Bulgaria Medical University system consists of the 4 main teaching establishments for medical students, and these are the medical universities of Sofia, Varna, Pleven, Trakia and Plovdiv.

The high standards of teaching along with the low cost of enrollment means that a student studying in any of the Bulgarian medical universities will have the benefits of learning their craft in one of Europe’s cheapest countries and having a the medical expertise that is well within the requirements of the EU. Medical students have the choice of studying medical and dental health as well as pharmaceuticals.
Studying as a foreign student
Foreign students are encouraged to enroll in most Bulgarian colleges of medicine and some even offer courses taught in both the Bulgarian and English language. Most courses run over a period of 6 years from the students’ initial enrolment until graduating as a doctor in their chosen field of medicine. The courses available in English are known as:


Faculty of Medicine (General Medicine)
Faculty of Dental Medicine (General Dentistry)
Faculty of Pharmacy (General Pharmacy)

Faculty of Public Health
Social activities – certified Social Specialist,
Health care management – fully qualifies manager of health care and practice lecturer

Nurse – diploma qualification - Nurse
Midwife – Midwifery qualification
All qualifications awarded in any Bulgaria medical university is classed as a masters degree and is fully recognized and accepted all over Europe and other countries across the globe.

Medical University of Sofia
The medical university of Sofia is actually the oldest medical education establishment in Bulgaria. Dating back to 1917 when it opened its doors to the first medical students, a highly qualified team of professors of medicine designed an agenda which offered teaching in the faculty of medicine, the faculty of dental medicine, the faculty of pharmacy and the faculty of public health. Today the Sofia medical university still continues to teach the same syllabus to the hundreds of new students each year. The high standards set out of which the university demands of its graduates has gained respect all over the world where the main university of Sofia is now regarded as an authority in its own right.

Plovdiv Medical University
Founded in 1945 Plovdiv Medical University is considered to be a modern medical school and it has a 1200 bed teaching hospital known as St. Georges Academic Hospital.
With a yearly tuition fee of around 800 Euros, Plovdiv medical University is an excellent choice for a student wanting to get into the field of medicine without the high costs of Western Europe and the United States. This university has both a medical school and dental school where new students can begin their first study term in October and remain for the whole 6 year duration. Both programs offered in Plovdiv are taught in English language only and there is no entrance exam required. Plovdiv Medical University has become almost as popular as Sofia Bulgaria Medical University especially for foreign medical students.

Pleven Medical University
When it comes to gaining a fully recognized and respected medical qualification, Pleven Medical University is the cheapest Bulgarian Medical University in existence to date. Gaining entry to the Plovdiv University is simple and straight forward. Entrance exams are unnecessary and the tuition fees are just 5000 Euros per year. Living costs in Pleven are of the least expensive of all the university cities thus making Pleven the most economical university to study medicine in Bulgaria. New entries are taken every February and the degree awarded is internationally respected.
Pleven Medical University is one of the newer medical teaching establishments having been founded in 1974. It is now respected and agreed that it is the very best of any Bulgaria medical university. Courses are available in both Bulgarian and English language with a very high standard of lecturing from some of Bulgaria’s most highly qualified professors.

Varna and Trakia Medical Universities.
Both Varna Medical University and Trakia offer high teaching standards on the same courses as those mentioned above. Varna Medical University was founded in 1961 and has since excelled itself into being a formidable institution for providing highly proficient doctors for placement into Bulgarias hospital network.
Trakia University has the same requirements for entry as the other main universities in Bulgaria. There are no entrance exams and tuition costs are 6000 Euros per year for a medical school diploma and 3500 per year for a veterinary qualification. Trakia Uninversity was established in 1995 in the southern Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora.
There are other additional smaller institutions which are part of the Bulgaria Medical University group however they do not offer the same courses and choice of the English language option.