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Shopaholics Paradise

Fashion Boutiques

Bulgaria has an endless supply of fashion stores located in the heart of every city centre and resort. Well worth visiting is Bulgaria’s own fashion chain Denyl, which stocks a wide variety of inexpensive but stylish products for both sexes. The thing to watch out for in this store is the sizes, which tend to be on the small side for women. The advent of the shopping mall has brought a host of international clothing and footwear retailers from Zara and Mango to Hush Puppy. Many leading sports retailers have outlet shops here, but the prices do not appear to be any better than in the West.

Lingerie stores

Bulgarians love lingerie and every street corner houses a host of lingerie stores from international brand names like Triumph to small independent retailers selling everything from matching sets to extra large sizes. The quality at these outlets is often not too good as most of the goods are imported from China and Turkey and the sizes stated on the items are not always correct. Ensure that you try on items before you buy. There are many great bargains to be had in the lingerie sector with matching sets costing as little as 6 lv. and men’s designer boxer shorts costing 4 lv.

Mall Mania

Every town and city is seeing the construction of at least one out-of-town mall with larger cities like Varna scheduled to have five in total, two of which are already open. The new malls offer not only a great selection of shopping all under one roof, but also entertainment complexes with ten pin bowling, ice skating and cinemas (with films in English). Most malls currently offer free parking and local bus services provide frequent access.

Gypsy Markets

Most large towns have a sector of their retail environment dedicated to what is known here as a Gypsy Market, however, not all of the traders are from the Roma population. Gypsy markets sell extremely cheap clothing, shoes and household appliances as well as plenty of fakes including watches and DVD’s. Often the origin of the product may be suspect, so ensure you thoroughly check what you are buying before parting with hard earned cash. These markets are also known areas for fencing stolen goods so do not be surprised if you are approached by a woman selling a fist full of gold rings. One thing you don’t have to worry about in the Gypsy Market is your personal safety – they want to keep you shopping not steal your possessions!