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Fancy a go at Scuba Diving? - What Next

For the more adventures the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience allows those interested in scuba diving to complete some basic training and a confined water dive to a depth of about 5-6 meter under the direct supervision of a professional. On completion of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience the student will understand basic scuba safety and learn some basic skills such as regulator clearing ( simply taking your regulator out of your mouth and putting it back in), mask clearing ( how to clear your mask from water ) and last how to use an alternative air source ( sharing air in the case of an emergency ), which are all credited toward the PADI Open Water certification.

Where do I go next?

The PADI Open Water diver certification course is the next step up the ladder it is divided into sections, knowledge development, confined water training and open water training.

In Knowledge development the student studies with the instructor and also independently studies how diving affects your body, dive safety and dive planning, there are also knowledge reviews and an exam at the end on the material you have studied.

Confined water training (shallow enough to stand in), students learn all the basic skills they need to safely enjoy scuba diving. On completing the confined water skills it’s on to the Open Water diving.
The Open Water training is usually done over four or more dives, the skills practiced in the confined waters and knowledge gained are practiced with the instructor until you are completely confident and can perform them with ease

The open water certification is for ever and never has to be renewed although if you have never dived for a while it is always best to brush up your skills with a scuba review, a short refresher course.
As a PADI Open Water diver you will be able to dive to 18mts (60 feet) when you are accompanied by a diver of the same or higher certification level.

From here on in your diving skills takes on a new prospective through the PADI dive experience there are specialty courses the diver can take such as underwater navigation, photographer, wreck diver, night diver or simply move through the recreational diving certifications and on to the first of the professional certificates Dive Master.

70% of the world dives the PADI way, and serves over 130,000 individual and professional members and is located in more than 180 countries; PADI materials are also available in 26 languages.

Ian Wilkinson