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Moving to Bulgaria – Great for Kids - Big Benefits


The Benefits of an Expat Life

A study by Organization Resources Counsellors Inc at
Quotes that expatriate children grow up to be perceptive, articulate, interesting, and diversity-embracing adults. Emigration gives them a chance of a lifetime. It is a life changing, yet enriching experience.

Children rapidly become more culturally aware; their new Bulgarian environment teaches them about differences in language, music and wealth. Opportunities to travel in are far greater and they will enjoy exploring the treasures of their new host country as well as its neighbours. Whilst there are few organized sports clubs for younger children there are plenty of opportunities to participate in skiing, swimming, football, singing and dancing. Teenagers can go to local nightclubs without the fear of unprecedented violence against them.

Living abroad also brings increased confidence. Part of this growth comes with the ability to master the language; expat children of all ages take pride in this accomplishment and it has a knock on effect in their learning of other subjects.

Jane from Varna said, “My son was not performing well academically in England, so we had no qualms about moving here. He picked up the language very quickly and he has started to achieve better results than we could ever have hoped for in the UK.” Indeed, the Bulgarian education system is far superior to that of the British structure and yet children have a great deal of freedom within this system with no uniforms, assemblies and lining up, school is much more like college with a great deal of emphasis placed on independence and self-motivation.

Children who have made the move to Bulgaria have found their experiences to be positive ones. There appears to be little to do for teenagers who move out to the villages, yet those I interviewed all gave me positive feedback. Megan, 13 from London said, “I love Bulgaria. People here are so kind and everyone wants to get to know you. I feel privileged to have been given this experience” Megan loves animals especially horses and being here has given her the chance to indulge in her passion. Jake, 15, from Manchester says, “It’s much safer here and consequently I’m allowed out whenever I want. I have a much closer relationship with my parents now and they’re really pleased because I’ve been doing well at school, so they let me go to clubs in the resorts because they know I’m not going to encounter any trouble. Back home in Manchester this would be impossible as well as dangerous.” Jake spends his summer vacation jet skiing with his many Bulgarian friends.

Many people may be deterred from emigrating with a teenager for fear of disrupting their education, but these fears would appear unfounded. Children are often placed in a year or two lower than their UK school year, but this is not a bad thing in that it allows children to learn the language whilst covering work already familiar to them.

Parents concerned about their children receiving UK qualifications can arrange for them to take GCSE’s and “A” levels at the English Council, who have a presence in all major cities. In Sofia, there is a choice of international schools available to parents who wish to follow a similar curriculum to the UK or USA.

With strong EU investment in Bulgaria, prospects for employment are growing and by the time your child has completed further education, the opportunities will no doubt be much greater.

By living in Bulgaria, your children will have had a unique upbringing, which will have broadened their horizons, increased their confidence and their sense of independence and freedom.

As a family unit, you will be much closer through shared experiences than if you had stayed at home.

There is a wealth of literature available to people who are considering a move abroad with children and much research has shown that children who spend a long time living abroad are four times more likely to earn a degree, are more mature and have more successful marriages than their peers who lived “at home”.

What better encouragement could you need than that?